Fence Post Stalk – The Last Stand

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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Writers Camp and Antelope Bowhunt in Montana.Sponsored by Ryan Outdoors, Grim Reaper  Broadheads, ATSKO, Darton Archery, and Trophies West Outfitters.

Fence Post Stalk – The Last Stand

By Robert Hoague

Sep 24, 2009 – 5:36:18 PM


Hear guide Steve Bishop told me that on the way to pick me up he’d seen a buck near the farm road. Sure enough, as we drove along we saw the buck standing right by the road. I took a picture.

We drove very slowly toward the buck and to my surprise we got up to 75 yards before he looked up at us. Steve reined in the jeep and I eased out of the vehicle and slid the passenger door closed.

The buck stepped out of the road track and took a few steps and stopped and started munching on some prairie goodies. So I took a few slow steps to clear the jeep and get it behind me. When the buck looked in the direction of the jeep I stood still.


He went back to browsing again. I shrunk the distance to almost shooting range and the buck took a few steps when I raised my camera to take its picture.

To my surprise, the buck continued on for 50 yards and stopped. We played out the same scenario again … and again.

Soon I was a couple hundred yards off the road still and following behind the buck. I looked back to locate Steve in the jeep and wave him over closer. He was already on the way.

I lined myself up with the jeep again and once again got almost into shooting range … almost but not quite. And this time the buck trotted away for a couple of hundred yards.


Steve pulled up alongside me and said, “I told you this fence post deal would work.”

I agreed and got inside the jeep. We drove across the rough terrain and I eased out again, lined up myself with the jeep behind me and walked very slowly toward the antelope buck.

He browsed briefly and walked 15 or 20 yards. And then, just before I could get off a shot, he did the same thing again.

I played my best card, I persisted.

We went through a dry creek bed and across a prairie flat. Every couple of steps I gained on him a little bit. When he made a left turn and walked perpendicular to me I cut the distance down fast. I knocked and arrow and got ready to draw.

Oh oh … he decided he had enough.

He switched from slow going to a brisker pace. I zoomed in and took a quick picture.

This time he didn’t stop in 50 yatds, he kept on going in the direction of a fence line. When he got there he stopped. I got another pic.

Then he did something I’ve been told over and over that antelope do not do, he jumped the fence. And kept on going.

And that was the end of this antelope hunt for me. I had to leave for the bear hunt in the morning.

I have to tell you that trying out Steve Bishop’s fence post stalk was very exciting.


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