Day 3 – Matt’s At Bat


Day 3 – Matt’s At Bat

By Robert Hoague

Aug 17, 2009 – 3:10:11 PM


I was writing my internet update this morning Matt Bateman drove up on
his 4-wheeler. Good news! An antelope buck was strapped across the

Matt Bateman is an accomplished Western bowhunter.  He regularly
practices and is proficient shooting at distances that a whitetail
bowhunter like myself couldn’t take confidently. He prefers the spot
and stalk type hunt and that’s what he’s been doing here, hunting hard
dawn to dusk. It paid off for him today.

Matt and Justin started their hunt in a field of hay bales at the foot
hills of the ridge they have been hunting. They spotted some distant
antelope bucks and made their game plan. Matt glassed a buck that he
had almost got yesterday and saw him go to an area where he had bedded
yesterday. A second buck was between that buck and the hunters. Matt
started out on his 4-wheeler. Justin stayed in the field. When he got
closer to the second buck Matt angled into the hay field on the far
side of the buck to see if it would go toward Justin. The buck watched
at the 4-wheeler, obviously curious about it — and it did not move out.

Matt continued on very slowly and let the 4-wheeler coast to a stop.
Before it came to a stop Matt slid off on the opposite side from the
buck. The grass here was knee high and Matt crawled forward as far as
he thought he could get away with. His rangefinder read 68 yards, a
distance that Matt is comfortable with. The antelope was broadside and
when he turned his head Matt raised up on his knees up in the grass and

The buck looked back but was still focused on the 4-wheeler. Matt put
his 70 yard pin on the crease of its shoulder, where the white and
brown meet. Matt shot.

As the arrow streaked off the bow the pronghorn buck stood still,
watching. Pop, the arrow hit squarely in the heart — the buck bolted
and ran 100 yards and Matt watched him drop.

Justin had seen it all through his binoculars, 600 yards away. Then
Justin and Matt took pictures.

Afterward, Matt drove back to camp. Once
again, Matt’s spot and stalk style of hunting and his persistence paid

Matt told me the “Grim Reaper broadhead flew true, even at such a long
distance.” The broadhead passed through the antelope hanging up on the
fletchings on the exit side. The broadhead did its job quickly as Matt
and I watched the Antelope drop!


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