Bruce Ryan Is A Stalker


Bruce Ryan Is A Stalker

By Robert Hoague

Aug 19, 2009 – 12:50:36 PM


The main group met on Friday and met the outfitter and head guide in
Alzada, Montana at one of the two business’s in the small town, the
Stoneville Saloon which is the official hunting license agent. They
picked up some hunting tags and ate lunch. Then everyone drove to the hunt
headquarters. The outfitter spent the rest of the day showing us around
the 65,000 acre ranch and we set up some last minute ground blinds for
the rest of the incoming group.

Bruce told me, “After spending the day with the outfitter Craig Hueter
and the head guide Steve Bishop I felt real positive about the hunt as
these guys had a good feel for the ranch and where we needed to be. We
spent the rest of the day strategizing on where we would place
everybody the following day. The next day we awoke to dark skies and
rain as well as unseasonably cold temperatures threw a monkey wrench
into our well thought out plans. Due to the weather several hunters
decided to spot and stalk instead of sitting in ground blinds, myself

“I decided to spot and stalk through a hay field that had recently been
mowed and baled. There were huge round bales scattered throughout the
pasture. This created an opportunity to use the hay bales as cover to
close in on the small groups of antelope that were feeding on the
tender, new alfalfa sprigs.”

“After several attempts the best I was able to do was get within 85
yards. To far to shoot. After hours of trying to close the distance I
drove back to camp.”

Based on the number of antelope I saw and the ideal conditions of
stalking with the hay bale as cover  the day before i returned the next
morning. Upon entering the west end of the pasture i immediately saw a
bachelor group of 6 bucks at the far eastern edge of the pasture,
almost 1,000 yards away. Over the next several I maneuvered through the
round bales to close the distance and successfully. When they had their
heads down I lined up with a round bale and hurried closer. During my
1,000 stalk the bucks browsed and periodically bedded. Unfortunately
when I got to the last hay bale I was still 100 yards from the bucks,
with no apparent way to get closer. I hid behind the last round bale in
case they came in my direction. But they fed on over the next rise.
Rather than risk spooking the bucks by following them I backed out with
plans of returning the following day.”

“Again, in the morning I returned to the field of round bales. When I
scoped the field I saw a buck and two does feeding near some round
bales. I used the round bales as cover to work my way closer ad the
antelope fed and bedded. After three hours of careful stalking I was
hidden behind a bale 70 yards from the trio of bedded antelopes. Soon
they got up and started feeding in my direction. ”

“They continued feeding until the buck walked by at 30 yards. I took my
broadside shot. The arrow hit further forward than I intended broke his
left leg. The buck went 150 yards and laid down. I waited a while and
saw periodic movement. I did not want to run the risk of pushing him so
I eased out and returned to camp with plans to recover the buck the
next day.”

“The next morning Matt Bateman and I went out and we were elated to
find the buck where I had left him the night before. Matt helped me
drag him to the truck and we took pictures with the Montana buttes as a

Equipment Comments

Grim Reaper Broadheads – On inspection I hit the forward tip of one
lung and totally shattered the antelope’s shoulder, his leg was completely unusable. And the broadhead was as good as new. And I used
the 100 grain RazorTip with the 1 3/4 inch cut and frankly if I had
used a smaller cutting diameter I may not have had the same result.

Darton 3500 Bow – This bow is the newest model from Darton and I found it exceptionally quiet and fast shooting.

ATSKO No-O-Dor scent elimination spray – Many times the wind was wrong
but the antelope never winded me. This helped my hunt be successful.

ASAT Camouflage – The camo blended in where the dark camouflages would not.

Carbon Impact Arrows – The Fat Shaft is a light arrow and gave me flat trajectory.


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