Antelope Hunt 2


Antelope Hunt 2

By Robert Hoague

Sep 23, 2009 – 6:20:36 AM


Steve drove me to a blind in and area that no one had hunted. The blind was a Matrix located on the edge of a water hole.

This is the view from one of the windows inside the blind.

Shortly after Steve’s jeep dissapeared from view a group of antelope topped the hill to the east. They browsed around in the prairie grass.

If you’ve never been antelope hunting, here is what it’s like. If you are looking at a hillside with your naked eye you don’t see anything. But when you Nikon the hill you spot the black “V” shapes of antelope bucks. Sometimes they are bedded down (the one on the right) and sometimes they are standing (the one on the left).

Time passed. Antelope were in sight some place almost all the time. Later on the sky clouded up and I took a couple more pictures. These antelope are over 600 yards away.

And this is another group that is only 400 yards away.

Then the sky filled with rain clouds and Steve drove out to pick me up. We were going to have an interesting drive back…


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