WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 1



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 1

By Rich Walton

Apr 1, 2009 – 11:51:28 PM


You fall – pull down on the brake strap – –

and lower yourself safely to the ground

Rescue One ‘CDS’? (Controlled Descent System) Prevents  Suspension Trauma Death!

Every year hunters wearing Full Body Harness Systems fall from their treestands and, unable to regain footing either on the steps or treestand, die from Suspension Trauma.  The remarkable Rescue One ‘CDS’? Full Body Harness System was designed to prevent Suspension Trauma Death and is the only system available that, should you fall, enables you to lower yourself safely to the ground. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, the Rescue One will keep you alive.

For more go to: Mountaineer Sports

Bullhead Broadhead Takes Birds Down – Now

The New Magnus Bullhead Turkey broadhead is designed to lop off the head and or neck of a Turkey. Excellent Flight, .048 thousands thick razor sharp, blades make the Bullhead the idea Turkey Broadhead.   Available in two sizes: 100 grain 3 blade with a 2 3/4″ cutting diameter and  125 grain 3 blade with a 3 3/4″ cutting dia. In testing the Bullhead, excellent flight was achieved out to 40 yds. If you’re bow is tuned to shoot broadheads the Bullhead will fly just like the broadhead normally shot. Come packaged with 3 assembled heads and 3 free replacement blades. Ready to shoot out of the package. Blades are easily replaced/resharpened. 

For more go to: Magnus Broadheads

Put Your Trail Cameras Exactly Where You Want

The AT-5 can mount to a tree or metal fence post.? You can tilt the camera up or down and pivot left/right to match any angle you need (no more wedging sticks behind the camera). Monitor a trail through a food plot or field by putting a metal fence post in the ground and mount the AT-5. There is no need for bulky and expensive tripods! For more go to: Pine Ridge Archery




Pro Ears®  The Most Advanced Electronic Hearing Protection/Amplification Systems Made

The most advanced electronic hearing protection/amplification products ever made!

Pro Ears GOLD models come with exclusive DLSC? Technology, Micro-Processor  performs 10,000 diagnostics per second, LED Function Light, Auto-Shut Off, Sealed Military Spec Boards, Gold Conductors and the highest audiophile sound quality available. Only ones Made in USA – 5 Year Warranty. Now in pink and pink camo for the female hunter/shooter.

Provide complete protection from damaging noise volumes plus adjustable gain great for Law Enforcement and Hunters increasing hearing 8 Times normal. For More go to: www.pro-ears.com

NULLO® Scent Free the Internal Way

Nullo® is an internal deodorant caplet. Take two a day one week prior to your hunt and you’re good to go.  Nullo works from the inside out to eliminate or greatly reduce body odor resulting from sweat.  Nullo has been used medically since 1956. Completely safe. Active Ingredient: Chlorophyllin Copper Complex. For More Go To NULLO.com.


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