WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 6



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 6

By Rich Walton

Apr 11, 2009 – 5:37:34 AM


Breath Takers – The Missing Link in Scent Control

Disposable active carbon face mask helps eliminate game-spooking bad breath as part of total scent control.  Comfortable mask also filters dust, pollens and allergens down to 5 microns. Comes in re-sealable 5-pack. Don’t let your breath give you away:  Smootchie Outdoors


Improved Extreme Vanes from Flex-Fletch Products.  

Extreme vanes were introduced at the ATA show in January 2008 and were met with high acclaim.  Now with a new polymer blend, the Extremes can handle even greater speeds with extreme accuracy.  Extremely fast, silent, and accurate.  Extreme! Flex Fletch  

Innerloc – Combines Speed with Strength

Falcon’s revolutionary design offers a 65 grain broadhead that has both speed and strength.  Features a single piece tip that aligns the tip edges to the .027 blade edges to make a more compact cut-on-contact broadhead. B.A.T., Blade Alignment Technology allows accurate broadhead tuning by aligning the blades the same from arrow to arrow to shoot the tightest groups possible. Available in 85 and 100 grain models.  Innerloc Broadheads 

Bring Gobblers in with this Combo

New from Hunter’s Edge: TransFan Combo – our three most popular decoys for a low cost, high value combination! Super light weight and easy to set up, you get the TranFan Gobbler, TransFan Resting and Feeding Hens. Save a bundle and get all three field-proven decoys for an incredibly low price. Hunter’s Edge 

Innerloc Helps Fight Cancer With New Carbon Tuner

Carbon Tuner in pink is the official broadhead for Mary Hale and the Pink Arrow Project. Features Blade Alignment Technology, B.A.T. that can be adjusted to rotate and align the .027 thick blades the same from arrow to arrow for accurate broadhead tuning on carbon shafts. A portion of the proceeds will go to support Breast Cancer Research.  Innerloc Broadheads


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