WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 5



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 5

By Rich Walton

Apr 10, 2009 – 6:31:23 AM


Tree Stand Safety Stars with the TSSB

The best way to avoid a fall from your treestand is to not fall in the
first place. The best way to to that is to ensure you can’t fall and
that is what the Tree Stand Safety Belt does. When properly installed
you will not be able to fall once in your stand. You can sit, you can
stand. You can move to shoot but you can’t fall out of your stand.
Mountaineer Sports.

Próis Eliminator Jacket for the Ladies

Waterproof, breathable 100% polyester 8,000/5,000 laminate, with taped seams and reliable waterproof shell zipper. Billed hood has elastic drawstrings adjusted for peripheral vision. In rain a ducktail built in unsnaps to drop down and extend the base of the garment. Available in Realtree AP HD® and Advantage Max-1 HD® in sizes from XS through XL ? USA Made!  Prois Hunting Gear for Women

Heat Factory?s® new Heated Neck Gator?

Two layers of extra-thick fleece surround the mouth, neck, nose and chest and tuck low into a jacket to protect the back of the neck. Four patented warmers positioned over the ears,chest and back of the neck let Heat Factory?s proven technology warm you for up to ten hours. Made in the USA. Heat Factory

Rinehart Polar Bear target is virtually indestructible solid ?self-healing? foam for fieldpoint, broadheads or expandables yet retrieving arrows are easy. Target features the company?s patented locking inserts to extend the life and enjoyment of the target with easily replacing its core. Standing tall at 60?, 23″ across the chest and a simulated weight of 300 lbs the Rinehart Polar Bear can stand up to even the most inclement of weather conditions. Rinehart Targets


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