WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 17



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 17

By Rich Walton

Jul 9, 2009 – 6:50:54 AM


The Cinch Sling Does just that – it ‘Cinches’ securely into place.

No more slipping cords. Once it is sized to fit your grip and hand, cinch it up and it will stay in place. The Cinch Sling also holds its shape and is easily adjustable with a base plate that allows you to torque your stabilizer without rotating the slingout of position.

The ‘Cinch Sling’s’ elastic cord STAYS IN SHAPE & STAYS PUT once it is ‘Cinched’ up! Available in braided black & white,solid red or solid blue. For more go to: Bohning Co.

NAP BLOODRUNNER – Lives up to it’s Name.

A unique mechanical broadhead with field point accuracy and 1 1/2″ cut on contact for massive blood trails. BloodRunner  even delivers a 1″ cut in the closed position! Guaranteed. Strong, absolutely dependable and the sharpest blades.  100 grain, 1 1/2″ open cutting dia, 1″ closed , .036″ thick blades. Sold in 3-pack.    For more go to: NAP

Hydroshock – Takes the Sting and the Sound out of the Shot.

The Hydroshock is the first hydraulic string suppressor in the archery industry.  It uses Linear Deceleration Technology to effectively reduce sound and hand shock created by a fired bow. Maker claims 50% better than the other makes.  Creates more pleasurable shooting sessions by reducing hand shock.

Eliminates wrist/forearm slap, reduces noise and hand shock thereby eliminating the need for string dampeners that also reduce arrow speed. Will fit all model bows.
HYDROSHOCK-‘The Industry’s First Hydraulic String Suppressor’

NeverGuess Rangefinders – Right on your Arm.


Worn on bow arm allowing user to range while at full draw cutting ranging time. Is programmed to compensate for true horizontal distance regardless of shot angle. Features include a waterproof aluminum body, finger worn switch, adaptive brightness display, Mossy Oak  Break-Up camo, built-in string guard, and fiber optic sights. Will range +/-1 yard from 0 to 80-plus yards.

For more go to:     Never Guess RangeFinders




New Onix 350 – Brings Big Screen Navigation System to the Outdoors.

Features exclusive TruView Navigation screen layering technology displays satellite and aerial photos of your surroundings and all navigation aids. Large 3.5-inch color LCD screen with ability to download high-resolution digital satellite photography and topo maps. Includes Solunar Edge Technology to help determine the best fishing and hunting days, 12-24 hour weather forecast, storm warning alert, elevation tracking, map of the United States and Canada shows roads, cities and points of interest and much more. Star III GPS receiver provides quick satellite acquisition and accurate position/location information

Suggested retail is $399.99. For more go to: Bushnell



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