What’s New For 2009 – Pg 15



What’s New For 2009 – Pg 15

By Rich Walton

Jun 14, 2009 – 5:43:21 PM


PROIS PRO EDITION JACKET The Ultimate Hunting Jacket for Women

Crafted with a compressed, high performance fabric that stops wind cold, and shrugs off water like a duck. Plus, this ultra-soft, super-silent micro-fleece fabric will both keep you toasty and under the radar of the most cautious game. Features an extra tricot lining for warmth, along with a three panel, removable hood and clever scapular drop pocket designed to house activated warmers. Also features spacious lumbar compartment with easy access for packing additional lightweight gear. Other features include deep set hand pockets, tapered sleeve cuffs with thumb holes for added warmth and concealment and

arm pockets with whisper-quiet magnetic snaps. Comes in Realtree AP HD and Advantage Max-1 HD in sizes from XS through XL and Made in USA.

For more go to: Prois



LIMBSAVER Brightens the Sight

PRISM-LITE sights are tough, rugged sights that incorporate the unique Light Housing System that collects light and then super-loads the fiber optics driving that light into the sight pins. So efficient is this system that the sight pins are highly visible even during the darker hours of early dawn and late dusk when most game are moving.   All are lightweight and available in 3 and 5 pin models in .019 and .029 dia. pins. Each also comes with bubble level and circular Pin Guard with Peep Alignment Sight for easier sighting and faster sight picture.

 For more go to: LimbSaver



Eliminate Scent Scientifically – It’s in the Box

The Hunter X Scent Elimination System utilizes ions and ozone and the combination makes it 40 times more effective than ozone alone. System creates a “decontamination chamber” for example: a ground blind, camper, portable closet or closet in your home, cab of your truck, etc… Place the Hunter X inside with all of your hunting gear and initiate “decontamination mode” for a few hours and your gear is scent free! No more worries about scent sprays. Small unit is only 6.5″ w, 6.5″ h and 7″ d at a light 2 lbs. MSRP is $349. This is the ultimate scent elimination system! For more go to:  Hunter X

GRIM REAPER Expands the Cut

          Add the new Expander Cups that control the angle of the blades on the Grim Reaper mechanical broadheads .and you get a greater cutting diameter. Will increase the cut of the popular 100 gr. RazorTip from 1 3/8″ to over 1 1/2″ and the 1 3/4″ inch RazorTip to a whopping 2″.   Throw in the cut-on-contact Trocrazor Tip and patented Maxx-Edge SS blades you end up with the best mechanical broadhead money can buy. Screw one on today and  “WATCH’EM DROP ”   For more go to: Grim Reaper  

Scout Your Prey with New STEALTH CAM ROUGE

This  5 megapixel Infrared Digital Video Recorder uses 36 IR emitters to produce  “No Flash” illumination out to 40 feet. When motion is detected, high quality VGA video clips ranging from 5 to 180 seconds can be captured. To assist in patterning down your next Booner, the Rogue has time/date/moon/temperature stamping on the video files. With Stealth Cam’s patented Burst Mode technology, 1-9 images up to 5 megapixels can be used to capture that buck of a lifetime.  MSRP  $149.99. For more go to: Stealth Cam 


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