WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 13



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 13

By Rich Walton

May 17, 2009 – 1:17:20 AM


Aerovane? – The Next Generation in Vanes from Firenock

When the best minds in aerodynamics get together the result is Aerovane. What you get is a unique airfoil design that produces low flight noise levels, minimum drag for faster arrow flight. Vanes are made from durable material, are easy to bond to arrows and Minimum delta wing surface vortex, Minimum 1st or 2nd stage turbulence, Minimum wow and flutter due to structural integrity and hardness. It just means great arrow flight.  Aerovanes From Firenock

Ultimate Comfort with Ground Blind Seat from GameTamers?

The new GBS-08 Ground Blind Seat is a remarkable piece of equipment that incorporates an ultra comfortable, all weather, contoured adjustable seat and back rest. The four aluminum legs are easily adjusted for level seating in any terrain while the seat allows silent, 360 rotation so the user can swivel in any direction for the perfect shot position.  GameTamers


Spot-Hogg keeps You on Target with the Tommy Hogg

Movable hunting sight features rear controlled yardage adjustment, making changing yardage easier & faster, requiring less movement for stealthy adjustments in the field.  Rear sight adjustment also allows you to monitor settings while at full draw. The  front control yardage adjustment provides quiver clearance without sacrificing adjustability. Available in single pin, small guard with 3 or 5 pins a 7 pin available in the large guard. Spot-Hogg

Muzzy’s Phantom-MX broadhead: The Tradition Continues

Developed for bowhunters wanting traditional style and superior penetration. Extraordinary broadhead combines exceptional performance in a revolutionary, compact, aerodynamic design with a .040-inch main-blade thickness for unbeatable strength and superior flight. Available in 100-grain, 4-blade with .036-inch “bleeder blades (all may be resharpened) for a 1 1/8” cutting dia. Bring down the biggest and baddest with the new Phantom-MX . Muzzy

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