WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 11



WHAT’S NEW FOR 2009 – Pg 11

By Rich Walton

Apr 27, 2009 – 1:50:24 PM


Gorilla Gear –  Next Generation Ground Blinds

The new ultra-lightweight blinds feature a fiberglass frame design that is easier to set-up and take-down compared to traditional spring steel designs. Designed for effortless set-up, and take down.  is a simple 3-step process that takes less than 15 seconds and requires literally no practice! ” 74″ x 74″ base,  62″ height and a maximum width of 90″ x 90″ and  shooting diameter of over 6′ with 7 windows. available in two models – the Quick Strike Pro (QS Pro), and the Quick Strike (QS). Gorilla Gear


HANG ‘EM HIGH? HOIST – Hanging, Hoisting and Dressing Made Easy

Features the tough Rope Ratchet® for hoisting loads under 250 lbs. with a 2:1 Pulling Ratio.  Easy to use, the pulley S-Hook is secured while the object to be hoisted is secured to the Ratchet hook. No need to tie off as the Ratchet locks in place as the rope is pulled. To lower simply activate the Rope Pull Release. The unit weighs a light 1.5 lbs. and comes with 20′ of sturdy, 3/8″ Solid Braided Camouflage Rope. Perfect hoist for field use on Game Feeders, Field Dressing of Game and many other hoisting jobs at the workplace, shop or home. Carolina North

Firenock Caps – Cool Looking, Great Fit and They Light the Way

Available with and without LED light these ball style caps feature a comfortable, adjustable for any size fit with 2″ long, 30 degree offset brim so you can turn you head while aiming without the brim touching the string. Firenock Caps

MUZZY X-Celerator – Universal Drop Away Rest

Features a “Drive-away” design utilizing a rigid cable attachment secured to the downward cable that brings the rest up at full draw and drives it out of the way of the arrow allowing user to control drop speed and amount of rest travel. Total fletching clearance, zero drag and no torque to give you perfect arrow launch every shot. One model fits all bows, both left- and right-handed, and installation takes less than five minutes! Muzzy


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