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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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What’s New For 2008 – Page 18

By Rich Walton

Aug 1, 2009 – 5:28:21 AM

HPS 31

HPS 33

QUEST HP BOWS – Excitment from G5

The HPS 31 with axel-to-axel length of 31″,7.5″ brace height at 3.7 lbs with IBO speeds of 318-322. The HPS 33 axle-to-axle length is 33″, 7.125″ brace height at 3.9 lbs and IBO speeds of 323-326 fps. Both utilize the modular Quest High Performance Speed Cam with adjustable draw stop, 80% let off, and Pat.Pending I-Glide Cable System.  Risers are forged then CNC machined.  

Available in 50,60,& 70 lbs peak draw weights, Realtree AP camouflage and draw lengths of 26″-30″.  Go to: Quest Bowhunting  

CARBON EXPRESS – Just Devastating

Carbon Express intros the incredible F-15TM Dual Blade and  F-15TM Expandable Broadhead. The F-15TM features dual side-by-side cutting blades for six cutting edges that create a wound opening 250% larger than single blade broadheads for greater blood loss, a better blood trail and ultimately a faster, cleaner kill. Manufactured using a patented process that utilizes 440 stainless steel and Pressure Injected Mold for greater durability, precision straightness and razor sharpness. 100 grain the F-15TM  Dual Blade One Piece with 1 1/8″ cutting dia. with .030″ blades and the F-15TM  Expandable with 4 parallel expandable .030″ blades with a cutting dia.  Go to: Carbon Express

Dependable FLATHEAD – Smooth Shooting Every Time

The Flathead is one of the finest shooting releases ever offered for the bowhunter. Small, compact release offers the same smooth operation, long use durability and unwavering reliability Fletcher is famous for. With a design that resembles the popular, legendary Fletchunter Release, the Flathead incorporates a forward trigger to help increase valuable draw length for greater performance. Also features exclusive self locking, over-center trigger design that ensures a smooth, fully adjustable trigger pull and an inset hook that works great with a string loop. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty in Toxic Green on Black anodize with Deluxe Buckle or Velcro wrist strap.  Go to: Jim Fletcher

BRADLEY Smokers – Doing Meat Right

Bradley Smokers heat instantly and generate genuine fresh smoke. Eliminates the hassle of cooking genuine barbecue.  Easy to use to fix real barbecue smoked foods such as ribs, chicken, and pork butt.  No Hassle because the Bradley Smoker does everything automatically. The true green smoker this unit will never pour heat, smoke, or pollutants into the air during the cooking process. Go to: Bradley Smokers

Tink’s Power Scrape Mock Scrape Starter – Bring Em In


    For use throughout the season, Power Scrape conditions the deer to return to your stand location time and again. Revolutionary formula designed to capitalize on a buck’s curiosity in the early season and on its drive for territorial dominance during the breeding season.     Most effective when used on natural or mock scrapes located on old logging roads, on deer trails or along the edges of fields. Most natural scrapes are located underneath an overhanging branch that is approximately 5 feet high.    Place Power Scrape two weeks before opening day and then pick the hot spot to place your stand.  The deer will begin visiting your stand before opening day and will continue to visit your stand throughout the season.         Power Scrape is offered in a 16 oz value package – enough to last you an entire season. Go to: Tink’s


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