What’s New For 2009 – Page 14



What’s New For 2009 – Page 14

By Rich Walton

May 23, 2009 – 1:59:46 PM



The Tommy-Hogg

The Boss-Hogg

Tommy Hogg & Boss Hogg – Setting Your Sights on Success

Spot-Hogg’s rugged dependability in a movable hunting sight features rear controlled yardage adjustment, making changing yardage easier & faster, requiring less movement for stealthy adjustments in the field.  Rear sight adjustment also allows the shooter to monitor settings while at full draw. The Tommy Hogg’s front control yardage adjustment gives great quiver clearance without sacrificing sight adjustability. Each is compatible in single pin, small guard with 3 or 5 pins a 7 pin available in the large guard. spot hogg

SWAROVSKI OPTIK – The Universal Camera Adapter

Single adapter for digital SLR and all SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes.
Change quickly from observation to photography with the added benefit of extremely secure, steady, light at only 12 oz. and compact. You only need to adjust the position of your camera once in relation to your spotting scope. After this you can remove the camera from the adapter and bring it back into exactly the same position without readjustment. Experience the moment! Swarovski


SWHACKER Broadhead – Open Inside for a Lethal Kill.

Swhacker a patented Expandable 2-Blade System that provides 1-inch penetration through tough hide and bone before the premium quality, razor sharp blades open within the body cavity. Combines field point flight/accuracy with maximum power and effectiveness upon contact even on quartering shots.
Swhacker Broadheads are available in  100 Grain with a 1.75″ cutting dia. and 125 Grain with a 2.25″ cutting dia. Come packaged with non-stretch, anti-dry rot shrink bands that provide a tight and aerodynamic fit, further enhancing ultra performance and pin-point accuracy. Swhacker Broadhead

The TS-30 Treestand – Never Hunt for a Tree Again

Features a weather resistant, 360 degree silent swivel seat that for the ultimate in comfort, accuracy and safety. The octagon base features a support structure for additional strength but the unique feature allows the user to adjust the level of the base quickly and easily so the base is always level regardless of the angle of the tree. Quiet is the word for the seat and the hinges to prevent any noise during use.  GameTamers – Stands for Hunters


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