Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails Dedication

Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails

Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails Dedication

By Bobby Worthington

Mar 22, 2006 – 6:36:00 AM



book is dedicated to my late father, Arlis Clay Worthington. I can still remember five little
boys standing at the kitchen table, watching our father sitting on an empty
upside-down lard can [we could not afford store-bought chairs]as he practiced
with large steady hands writing his name over and over. I can still remember
him desperately trying to spell out the simplest four-letter words on road
signs in an attempt to learn to read as he drove down a country road. I can
also remember throughout my life how people marveled at the things he could
draw, build, and fix with the same steady hands.  Most of all I remember a man who loved his
sons very much. 

This was the man who
instilled in me a love for the outdoors. He made my first bow, a hickory
recurve, when I was 10 years old. My father was always ready and willing to
take me hunting every time I wanted to go. For the many, many hunts I had with
him I will always be thankful. I would gladly give all I have and know to go on
one more hunt with him. In this thought lies the most profound lesson in this book.
If you don’t learn anything else from this book; learn this!

Arlis Clay Worthington   Feb.12, 1928 / Apr.30, 1999

I also want to think my wife Karen. Without the help of your
spouse, it is very difficult to accomplish anything in life. This work is a
direct result of her encouragement and support.

I also want to acknowledge the real hero of all trophy
whitetail hunts: the buck. When I am lucky enough to harvest a mature buck, I
am not the actor who deserves the credit. I did not grow the beautiful rack; —
he did.  He is the animal that has the
instinct and cunning to reach maturity against unbelievable odds. He is the
creature that fuels our passion. Remove him from the hunt and most of our lives
would change drastically: — for the worst I fear.


            Trophy whitetail bowhunting
is a vast subject, and I am not going to pretend to discuss all of its ins and outs in this book. However, my goal is to reveal some points you might not have read or considered before. I hope this information will give you a fresh look at Bowhunting trophy whitetails, thereby enabling you to become more successful in your pursuit of big bucks with archery gear.

assume that you already have a working knowledge of archery. I also trust that you have the clothing and equipment
needed to stay on stand all day, even in cold, harsh weather. And, I assume you are knowledgeable about when
the prerut and rut takes place in the area you hunt, as anyone serious about our on a trophy whitetail would be.

            Also, if your goal is to shoot a buck that is big for where you hunt, I know you realize there must be mature bucks present. If that is not the case, neither the information in this book nor that found in any other on the subject will bring you closer to achieving your goal.

word trophy
in this book’s title suggest that it is written to help you arrow an animal very few bow hunters have had the privilege to harvest; a fully mature whitetail
buck. It is my belief that the ?mature?  bucks and
a lot of hunters take or in reality one to two years away from reaching maturity However, the information in this book will help you to harvest a buck that is truly mature.

As is also obvious from the title, this book is written from a bow hunter?s perspective.
   Why do we need still more information
on bowhunting trophy
whitetails? Because
so little of the information out
there has come from persons who are first and for most archers. Over the years, many serious whitetail gun
hunters have elected
to take on the challenge of bowhunting. With few professional archery
coaches available,
much of what they’re these whitetail
men learned about
archery they learned
on their own or from other bow hunters who also began as firearm hunters. Because of this, a lot of the same basic knowledge has
been passed around
quite a bit.

many times, because he has been presented with
only the simple basics of setting up a bow and shooting it, the new bow hunter never gains the knowledge
or skill needed to become efficient
with archery equipment. I began shooting competition archery
when I was 11 years old, and I became a successful
competitor on the
state, national, and world levels. For this reason, I have insight into some of the more advanced information on setting
a bow up and shooting it. I will be sharing much of this information
with you in these pages.

            Also many new bow hunters, though knowledgeable about
firearm hunting struggle
to shoot any deer with a bow, let alone a trophy. The reason is that they try to use gun hunting tactics
with archery gear. This simply will not work.

            I have never been a gun hunter. Thus, it is through the bow
hunter?s eyes that I’ve
evolved and developed
as a hunter. I have gained the knowledge
and skill to become a successful
trophy whitetail bow
hunter. I believe my years of experience as a tournament archery
and bow hunter will enable me to help you to become more successful as well.

            This book has been written to offer practical advice
on the process of arrowing a mature buck. I believe a lot of material on this subject is not useful and in fact sometimes only adds
confusion and mystery. However, as I see it, there is no mystery to Bowhunting trophy
whitetails. Mystery
comes in to fill the void left in the absence of practical
knowledge. It is easy to get lost in all the technical and scientific stuff
a lot of writers put into the mix. My intent is to strip trophy bowhunting of the cosmetic modifiers and
simplify it so the average hunter can understand it. The

            We will, in the 4 parts of this book, cover a broad range of study. I believe that by reading this work you can go from having a basic knowledge of bowhunting to having a better than average chance
of harvesting a mature buck. Of course, you still must put the effort into applying the knowledge you have gained. In Part 1, we will look at some of the most important and yet misunderstood
points on setting
up and shooting
a bow. Then, in Part 2, we will look at how to become mechanically and
mentally prepared to
take the shot at that trophy buck when the opportunity presents itself.

            In Part 3, we will switch over to the hunting side of the trophy whitetail equation.
In this section, we will study everything from
scouting for a great stand to scent control and hunting tactics. In this section, I will also detail the stories of three great bucks I have recently had the privilege to harvest with a bow. Finally, in part 4, I will recount the
story of how I took what I consider to be my greatest trophy of all. I will also reflect on some of my personal views on

            When the moment of truth comes, I believe more monster bucks
are lost because
of something we
hunters call ?buck fever?
than for any other single reason. It is very hard to stay calm and perform effectively under
the pressure we
feel when the
huge trophy we
have pursued all
our lives is standing 20 yds away. And, the number one reason most hunters
get buck fever
is because they
have a fear of failing. They are not confident enough in
the way their
equipment is set
up or in their ability to
use it. My hope is that by reading this book, you will gain the information and
confidence to remove
your fear of failure when percentage
with what could
be a once in a lifetime shot.

            Not everyone will
agree with everything
I write on this subject. If they did, there would be something too
vague and generic
about my writings. Also, some of the principles I discussed
my not apply to your particular
area or style
of hunting. However a mature
buck is the same cunning animal
no matter where
he lives and
no matter how
we hunt him. In this book, I will reveal some
major points that
have put the odds in my favor on many mature whitetails over
the years. By doing so, I hopefully can help you become more successful
in your pursuit
of such deer.     

guess writing this
book makes it
official: my
role as a bowhunter has changed,
even though I
am not sure exactly when this
transition took place. I do know when it was conceived: In the late 1960’s as I watch Fred Bear bowhunting on ?The American
Sportsmen? T.V. show. In my early years of bowhunting I devoured
every word of
The Archer’s Bible and Bowhunter?s Digest learning from every page. Then, sometime later,
I found myself
reading in hopes
of finding one
or two tidbits
of knowledge.
Later on, I began to read primarily to
travel with the
writer on an enjoyable and exciting hunt.  

            One day it dawned on me that many of the phone calls coming into my home were from strangers telling me
how much they
enjoyed my writings. It has been a lifelong romance, one that has established
my intimacy with
the flight of
the arrow and
the chase of monster bucks. Sometime during that
courtship my role
changed—- but when, and I cannot tell for sure.

  ” Bobby has an excellent knowledge of both bow setup and tuning for
the hunter who is serious about pinpoint accuracy. If your goal is to arrow a
mature buck, read his book and learn.”

 Burly Hall  

” In this book Bobby shares, in simple language, the procedures that have
produced an enviable number of outstanding bucks for him. Any bowhunter
interested in duplicating his success should take his advice to heart.”

 Roger Rothhaar

” I’ve known and admired Bobby for over 20 years. He is the real
deal……. as fine a woodsman as has ever left footprints in the autumn
leaves. All whitetail fanatics need to pay attention to what he has to

Gene Wensel

  “A lot people have commented that “Bowhunting Trophy Whitetails”
is the best book of it’s kind ever written; and I agree. This is the
when, where, and how book every whitetail fanatic has been looking for and it
is destined to become a classic!”

Gordon Whittington

Editor of North American Whitetail


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