Ohio Tests and Tips – Part 2


Bowhunting For Deer

Ohio Tests and Tips – Part 2

By Wade Nolan – Bowhunting Biologist

Nov 21, 2008 – 6:55:17 AM


We all know It is possible to bring deer to you. It’s just that some things work and some are a total waste of money. Here are two products we tested on our Ohio Writers Camp and Bowhunt that made it all happen.

Making Deer C’Mere

There are a number of states where baiting and attractants are totally
legal. Ohio is one such state. Although this commonly means shelled
corn there is a better way to enhance a stand site than C’Mere Deer.

Talk Like A Deer

I remember Mr. Stregik in 8th grade history class saying to me when I
discovered that I had no pencil, “Would you go to war without a gun?”
Well this ain’t a war but it would be foolish to hunt the rut without a
deer call. As a matter of fact I think a prudent and focused hunter
will have a few calls he has mastered in addition to the buck grunt
call. A well rehearsed calling strategy will put you in the money from
late October through the rut. Here is the key to effective calling. It begins with the Callmaster Jerry Petersen at Woods Wise Calls.


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