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BowTech Admiral FLX

By Rich Walton

Dec 1, 2009 – 1:46:08 PM


BowTech Admiral FLX

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The Admiral returns in 2010 as the “Admiral FLX” and continues to
deliver what many regard as the most “dead in the hand” shooting
experience available in the archery industry. The Admiral FLX utilizes
the FLX-Guard™ cable containment system which addresses the tuning
effects of high cable tension on today’s premium bows. The Admiral FLX
features Center Pivot Technology™, and keeps the unparalleled
versatility it is known for with its 31″ axle-to-axle length.

FLX-Guard™    more info »


new FLX-Guard™ cable containment system addresses the tuning effects of
extreme cable tension and inflexible cable guards found on today’s
bows. As the bow is drawn, the FLX-Guard™ responds by flexing inward,
absorbing much of the cable guard torque that would have otherwise been
transferred to the riser. The result is substantial reduction in
lateral nock travel, yielding a real advancement in tune-ability,
forgiveness and accuracy.

Second Generation Center Pivot    more info »

Second Generation Center Pivot

Center Pivot meets the splits limbs near the center point to create the
shootable, “dead in the hand” experience that BowTech bows have become
known for. This 2nd-generation technology combines the riser and center
pivot into a single strong structure that cuts the number of components
in half, thus reducing weight and vibration. The deflexed riser
configuration places the pivot point of the limb behind the throat of
the grip, creating a consistent, accurate shooting experience.
Zero-tolerance assembly guarantees all parts fit together tightly and
without e-clips, resulting in no play in the assembly.

CenterTrac Binary Cam® System   more info »

CenterTrac Binary Cam System

lean causes inaccuracy and inefficiency in the cam system, so BowTech
discovered a way around this. By splitting the power cables to either
side of each cam, tension from the cables is equalized, thereby
eliminating cam lean. The payoff is a balanced, accurate cam system
with plenty of speed.

Rotating Mod System   more info »

Rotating Mod System

most bows on the market today, BowTech bows do not require a new cam or
module to set your draw length. Simply remove the module screws, rotate
the module, and re-tighten. At least six inches of draw length
adjustment and an infinite draw stop feature is available on most
BowTech bows, allowing for custom draw length tuning for yourself or

Carbon Rod String Stop   more info »

Carbon Rod String Stop

string stops are made of carbon which is one of the strongest
vibration-dampening materials found on the planet. It is positioned
directly in line with the stabilizer to effectively transfer vibration
from the string to the stabilizer. This optimizes bow balance and
dissipates noise and vibration efficiently.

BowTech Factory Strings    more info »

is widely regarded for the best factory strings “out of the box”. The
secret is literally in the hands. BowTech strings are handmade in the
USA to machine-grade tolerances. The string has exactly the same amount
of twist across its entire length. Each individual string is precisely
wound to within 1/32″ difference in length and subjected to 450 pounds
of tension for 3 times longer than necessary to eliminate creep. No
other manufacturer matches this process today. The result is no string
separation, no peep rotation and absolute stability with proper dealer

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