Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 6
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 6

By Bob Robb

Nov 15, 2008 – 5:25:09 PM

DAY Six: The Two Minute Drill
            Weather-wise, this is the best deer hunting day we?ve had so far. It?s 32 degrees with a light westerly breeze and overcast skies. John Brown of BOSS Productions  who is filming the hunt and I head just across the river from the lodge. Our host, Matt Duffy  is sending us to one of his stands located in some semi-open woods up against a bedding thicket. It?s a pinch point and his trail cameras have shown some good bucks cruising the area from time to time.

            As luck would have it, the first deer we see comes 80 yards away when it is too dark to film. He is a giant 8-point, both John and I guess him at 160-plus, but with no filming light we just watch as he first rubs a tree to shreds, then skirts our position and heads south. As the morning goes on the temperature stays cold and the wind picks up. We see a stray doe here and there, four coyotes cruise past, then 150 yards behind us a ball of deer flash by, a doe being dogged by three bucks that we can see. One of them looks like a nice 10-pointer, but their fur ball keeps rolling south. We sit until 10 a.m., then come down and head back to the house to eat and warm up.

            We?re only gone an hour then climb back aboard this same stand. There we sit the rest of the day, seeing nothing until about an hour before dark. A doe and twins comes within five yards and wanders off. Thirty minutes later a pair of nice bucks walk 150 yards to the north, through some heavy brush, and no amount of grunting or doe bleating can get them to come visit us. Fifteen minutes later a 2 ½ year old buck comes within 35 yards, but it?s too thick to shoot him and, besides, this is not what I came for.

            Soon it is too dark to film, then too dark to shoot, and my 2008 hunt is at an end. Once again this fall I eat a great tag, but by no means does that mean it was a loser hunt. On the contrary, the hunting was fabulous. We saw two absolutely whopper bucks that Both John and I thought would gross over 160 P&Y points as 8-pointers,m and three other 8?s that would beat 140. The planets just didn?t align for me to get a shot on camera. I also saw the beginning of a superb new guiding business at The Country Lodge. It will be small, client numbers restricted, and the father and son team of Martin and Matt Duffy are committed to customer service and quality hunting.

            They already have my deposit for 2009. Because unless someone kills Sumo during either the upcoming rifle or muzzleloader seasons, I want to come back and hunt him. Hard.


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