Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 5
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 5

By Bob Robb

Nov 14, 2008 – 5:03:41 PM

DAY FIVE: The Huge Rub


Who would not want to hunt the buck that made this gimungous rub? We’ve been hunting Sumo near it all week and saw several Pope & Young bucks in the process.

           This is the first morning we?ve headed out when the temperature was below 40 degrees. It?s 38, but though the wind is squirrelly my cameraman, John Brown of BOSS Productions and I head to the same tree stand we sat last night and saw all those good bucks so very close to us. We?re trying to film a television show, and that means you cannot shoot nearly as early or late as you would without the albatross of the video camera, but we climb up well before first light to get everything squared away.

            As soon as we can see, John whispers, ?There?s a buck and a doe out in the cut bean field heading our way!? But when they get closer, we see that the smaller deer is actually a shooter 10-pointer. The other? We never get a good look. The wind swirls from the south, giving them a sniff of us, and they are gone. Judging from the body size ? the deer dwarfed the 200-pound 10 ? we think it may have been Sumo, the giant 8-pointer we have been chasing all week.

            The picture of the giant rub we have been hunting around this week shows just how big the bucks on host Matt Duffy?s farms can get. Who wouldn?t want to hunt the buck that made this huge rub?? For us, though, that means later, because the only thing we can do in this swirling wind is screw things up further. After fighting it for 45 minutes, we reluctantly climb down and head to the house. We?ll wait for it to turn from the north and west, as predicted, this afternoon. John has killer stands set for this wind, and rather than destroy this red-hot stand site, we decide to back off and wait for things to get right.

            Unfortunately, the wind never changes, and so John and I head to a new stand site along the river in the afternoon. It?s a tight little location on a finger bordered on three sides by water. We get settled in early, a bit after noon, but see no deer until about 45 minutes before dark. Then we are literally surrounded by does until one old momma gets downwind of us.

            Tomorrow is the last day, but we have a plan.


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