Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 4
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 4

By Bob Robb

Nov 13, 2008 – 3:43:21 PM

DAY FOUR: Colder Weather is Here At Last


Bob in Optifade: Here I am glassing this evening wearing the new Optifade camouflage. Many close encounters, but no shots.

            The morning sky is filled with bright stars as John Brown of Boss Productions ? filming my hunt for the QDMA television show ? and I headed to a set of stands in a location we had looked a least year. This summer John and planted a small plot of turnips and set two stands, but the rising floodwaters that had destroyed the local farmer?s corn crops had also hammered this spot. There were still turnips growing, but not as many as there would be in a normal year.

            The wind was wrong, but we hunted anyway as deer could come from any direction. After about an hour John spotted a flash of antler moving up the wooded stringer. I hit the Primos Rubberneck grunt call twice, and here he came. It was a 2 ½-year old six-pointer. To get some good footage I worked him with the grunt and the Primos can call, and he put on the quite the show for us. As we said on film, right setup,
right calling, wrong deer.

            Midday John and I moved a pair of stands into a tree we sat a bit in last year overlooking the small food plot where I had a close encounter with a 160 buck but got no shot (the wonders of trying to capture fair chase whitetail hunting on camera!) The wind is strong and cold from the West and we have seen several really good bucks from afar here so far this week, including El Matador on Day Two. As soon as we settle in we in we begin seeing deer. Across the big cut soybean field we see a total of 11 does & yearlings moving across between 4:00 pm and dark. But behind us, in the woods, the action is happening.

            First an 8-pointer shows himself, coming within 60 yards and stopping dead-still for 15 minutes before flicking his tail and heading back into the woods. Next is a 125 8-pointer chasing a doe. I grunt, he leaves the doe, but cuts off before he gets close enough. Then, on the cusp of camera light, a big 8, perhaps a 145, chases a doe within 50 yards but it is too thick to shoot and too dark to film.

If the wind permits, we?ll be back in this tree an hour before dawn. And who knows, perhaps Sumo will come by ?

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