Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 3

Bob Robb

Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 3

By Bob Robb

Nov 12, 2008 – 3:34:12 PM


DAY THREE: Bad Weather Slows Us Down

Tree stand view: This is the view looking West from our tree stand, overlooking a small food plot, just before the weather turned sour.


            Today broke clear but with a swirling wind, the forbearer of changing weather. Trying a new location in an attempt to minimize the wind, we set up on the edge of a narrow willow thicket bordered on both sides but cut beans. Matt Duffy, our host at Country Lodge ( had a trail camera set near these stands that had captured a dandy 10-pointer two days earlier passing through about 7:30 a.m., but this morning we saw no deer.

            In the afternoon with rain threatening, John Brown of Boss Productions and I set up once again on the big cut bean field where we had seen Sumo ? a giant 8-pointer —  the two previous evenings. About 4:00 p.m. we saw a doe race into the bean field from the north, then continue straight across. Behind her was a very good 8-pointer ? not Sumo, but a 140-plus buck nonetheless ? but when he reached the edge of the field he stopped, turned around and went back to the woods.

            As the evening progressed the weather worsened, and soon we were hunting in a light rain. Before the evening light was gone we had to abandon the stands to protect John?s camera. All told we saw 19 does & fawns but just the one buck. We both thought the strong wind and rain kept the bigger bucks from leaving the sanctuary of the willows and timber.

            We were ready for tomorrow and the colder weather. 

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