Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 2

Bob Robb

Robb Hunts IL Rut – Day 2

By Bob Robb

Nov 11, 2008 – 6:15:08 PM


DAY TWO: The Matador


           It?s the morning of day two of my Illinois hunt trying to film a TV show for QDMA. Dawn found cameraman extraordinaire John Brown of BOSS Productions and I entering the same ground blind we sat yesterday afternoon when we saw Sumo cross the cut bean field to the north. The wind was right, and often deer pass through this small food plot to bed in the thick woods it borders.

            To try and tip the odds in our favor, John set out a Primos Scarface buck decoy, about as lifelike a buck decoy a I?ve seen., 30n yards in front of the bind. John had great success decoying on this land last year at this time, so we figured, why not?


The second afternoon we set the Primos Scarface decoy in this cut soybean field, knowing deer would come across the field to us. They did, but not Sumo.

          Just as it was light enough to see a spike entered the plot and began feeding. About 20 minutes later a very nice 8-pointer ? we figured he?d score perhaps 125-130 ? came out of the thick brush and entered the plot. He spotted Scarface and started walking sideways. When he seemed to lose interest I hit the Primos Rubberneck grunt call one time, and that turned him. With John rolling tape, he bristled up and came closer. He lost interest again, and I hit him again. This time he turned and started pawing the turf, throwing dirt and turnips in the air like a bull in a Madrid ring. He out on his show at about 40 yards for 15 minutes before deciding to walk off. Nice buck, but he is not Sumo.

            Mid-morning John and I set a pair of tree stands across the cu bean field where we thought Sumo might again cross late that afternoon, setting Scarface 30 yards in front of us. To make a long story, we saw him ? but he never came across to us. We saw to other P&Y bucks and several does, but Sumo walked away from us.

            Awesome day of hunting, we could have killed two P&Y bucks had we chosen to. But we want Sumo.


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