Robb Goes for Elk – Day 9

Bob Robb

Robb Goes for Elk – Day 9

By Bob Robb

Sep 21, 2008 – 12:26:16 AM


This is it. My last day to glass.

            This is to be my last day hunting. The day begins with cloudy skies and a light rain, Scott Swensen, my outfitter, his buddy Bill and I take the truck to the top of the mountain and drive the road. Our hope is that we will spot a cruising bull we can get on if we do not hear any bugling. To make a long story short, we see or hear nothing of any consequence except several vehicles filled with other guys scouting for the upcoming gun season. At noon we give it up, and I hike over the saddle one last time to pull my tree stands before packing the truck and beginning the 11 hour drive home.

            All in all, it has been a very frustrating and disappointing hunt. The tag cost me $800 and it took many years worth of preference points to obtain it. Still, this is proof once again that in fair chase hunting ? and especially bowhunting ? there are no guarantees.

            The good news is, my legs and lungs are now in ?elk shape,? a good thing since I leave for another go of it in New Mexico in a few days. I?ll let you know how that one turns out right here on



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