Bob Robb’s in North Texas
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Bob Robb’s in North Texas

By Bob Robb

Nov 12, 2009 – 11:42:52 AM

Can this be Texas? It sure is! Here’s the kind of terrain I’ll be hunting this coming week.

           Hey guys, I’ll be hunting this coming week in North Texas with my friend, outfitter Steve Rortvedt of Western Outdoors, a guy I hunted with two seasons back and arrowed a net 150 11-pointer. Steve and wife Angie run a small, buttoned up operation near McLean, Texas, just off historic Route 66 in some of the most beautiful hunting country I have seen anyplace. Their leased land features a great mix of winter wheat, alfalfa, and corn interspersed with brushy creek bottoms thick with big cottonwoods. In addition to a huge whitetail population, the ranches hold magnum numbers of Rio Grande gobblers (you can take them on your bow license with an inexpensive stamp) and as big a crop of wild bobwhite quail as I have seen anyplace in the U.S. in recent years. The Rortvedt’s take quail hunters, too, and I hope to be one of them this year.

            We’ll be hunting from both standard tree stands (both fixed position and tall ladders), or out of box blinds. This is the very beginning of the pre-rut in this part of Texas, so I expect to see a smattering of new rubs, maybe a scrape or three, and a few bucks chasing. Temperatures should range from the low 50’s of a morning to the upper 60’s during the day. In this region, one must be ready for some wind, as the winds can be dead calm one day and blow 25 the next.

Early during the rut, Code Blue Scrape Mate has worked well for me in the past. I’ll be giving it try on my North Texas hunt this week.

            One of my missions this week is to field test prototype Sitka Gear garments in the new Gore Optifade Concealment Big Game Forest camouflage pattern. This is the second generation of the hot-selling Opitfade camo, designed specifically for tree stand hunting. I’ll be shooting a Mathews Drenalin, Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 shafts tipped with 100-grain Slick Trick broadheads, and using a Bushnell Elite 10×42 binocular and Bushnell Legend laser rangefinder. I may try the Knight & Hale Pack Rack out, too. I had great results with it last week in SW Nebraska, along with some Code Blue scents, so who knows?

            OK, that’s it for now. Come along with me on this hunt. I’ll be blogging daily from the ranch house, and I have to tell you – I have that feeling in my bones that something good is going to happen!

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