Bob Robb’s in North Texas Day 2
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Bob Robb’s in North Texas Day 2

By Bob Robb

Nov 14, 2009 – 5:14:09 AM

            The weather this morning is quite challenging. The winds are strong from the north at about 20, which is the forecast for the remainder of the day. That means that I need to be in a stand that affords enough protection so that when the time comes to draw and shoot, my bow won’t be bobbing and bouncing like a little rubber ducky being splashed about by a small child in the bathtub. That’s why I chose to go and sit the same stand as the night before. It’s a great spot, the one where I shot a 150 net 11-pointer two seasons ago for the Muzzy TV show.

            I’m hunting this week with my friend, outfitter Steve Rortvedt of Western Outdoors. I love this place, a camp where everyone is made to feel right at home and the hunting is outstanding.


Getting ready to hit the cattail stand in the afternoon, a place where guide Jeff Oglesby has seen lots of deer and some dandy bucks. Will they show today?

           So back to what they call the Martinez stand I go. I sit for several hours and do not see much, a couple of small bucks and does but that’s it, if you do not count the coyotes that cruised past. So it’s back for breakfast, a little target practice, and a nap.

            For the evening hunt guide Jeff Oglesby suggest what he calls the cattail stand. This is a fixed position stand set in a lone cottonwood overlooking lots of CRP transition country between some thick bedding areas and a pair of winter wheat fields. Jeff has spent a lot of time sitting in a rifle shooting house overlooking the area with his binocular scouting and has seen some excellent buck and lots of deer. So off we go, hopes high and hoping both the wind will lie down at dusk and the deer show.

            We win half the battle. The wind dies down, but the good bucks remain elusive. I have a pair of 1 1/2-year old 6-points and a 2 1/2-year old 8-pointer come within shooting range, but of course I am looking for something much better. After dark we head back to the lodge and another of Angie Rortvedt’s monster meals. Over dinner we check the weather channel and web weather services to determine wind direction and temperature. Steve smiles and says, TTomorrow I have something special for you.”

            I wonder what, exactly, he means by that? Come back here tomorrow and see.




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