A Simple GPS That Works!


Bob Robb

A Simple GPS That Works!

By Bob Robb

Sep 3, 2009 – 6:11:22 AM


            OK, I have a confession to make. In this age of high-tech everything, where you cannot even buy a phone that isn’t also a camera and a dozen other things, I hate to admit it, but I am about the most anti-tech guy you have ever met. I mean, the last time I went shopping for a cell phone the 20-something girl in the shop with the purple hair and all those metal things in her face tried to talk me into some fancy-schmancy phone with more features than my laptop. Dang, it, all I wanted was a phone, for Pete’s sake! So she smiled and said, “Sir, I have just the phone for you, it’s the same one I got my great grandma.” Lord.

            I am the same way with my hunting gear. When GPS units first came out I intentionally shied away. I can navigate the backcountry with a map and compass just fine, thank you, and their batteries never run out. As time went by of course I learned to use them  – mostly to make fishing holes  – and I know they are great tools for both safety and hunt planning. But there is just something about taking all that technology into them woods while bowhunting, a place and time where I want to get away from it all, that just makes me crazy.

The compact, inexpensive Bushnell Backtrack GPS is accurate, reliable, and easy to use – even by a nerd like Robb!

            Then last year I had the chance to test out the new Bushnell Backtrack GPS. Now this is a unit made for someone like me! It’s simple, easy to use, reliable as the sunrise, and very accurate.

            The Backtrack only allows you to store and locate up to three locations total. (That would be the truck, a stand site, and a critter.) I first used mine elk hunting in the backcountry of New Mexico and Utah, and found it to be excellent in marking a wallow here, a trail there, and the vehicle so I could get back after dark. When deer season came around I used it to mark things like a rub line, a stand site, and a deep woods scrape. What I found was, all I needed to do was mark the location of these hunting hot spots one time, and after walking to and from that location a time or two I knew where they were and didn’t really need the GPS to help me any more. I’d mark what I found on a map, clear the GPS, and be ready to go again.

            The Backtrack may be simple, but it is not dumb. It utilizes the latest digital technology featuring a high sensitivity SiRF Star III GPS receiver. It also incorporates a self-calibrating digital compass. It’s weather resistant and operates on a pair of inexpensive AAA Batteries. It is small enough and lightweight enough to be carried in your pocket, or you can use the lanyard attachment to hang it around your neck.

            Best of all, the thing costs way less than a hundred bucks. How can you beat that?

            If you’re an anti-tech guy, too, and on a tight budget like I am, check out the Backtrack. You can get more information at : Bushnell GPS 


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