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Last Updated: Oct 8, 2012 – 2:20:26 PM
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2009 Bear Bowhunt with Fred Lutger’s Wilderness Bowhunts and Canoe Canada Outfitters. Fred Lutger, Chef Klaus and Robert Hoague bowhunt black bear in Ontario, Canada.

Fred’s Bearhunting Equipment Tips

By Fred Lutger

Sep 12, 2009 – 6:11:55 AM

The bear walked out of the woods and stood in front of the bait
broadside. As I drew he froze and looked in my direction. Everything was
perfect but his elbow was back covering the kill area.  I held and held
but he remained motionless. I didn’t want to let down. I knew at this
close distance he would surly spook. I decided to aim as close to the
elbow as I could. I could still catch both lungs.

My shot was
right an inch and hit the tip of the elbow. My arrow disappeared to the
fletch. In seconds I heard the death moan and knew the bear was dead.
On recovery I found the arrow broke the elbow, went through ribs and
both lungs and broke the far leg. The broadhead was still intact,
straight and still had a very sharp unaffected edge. You can’t ask more
than that from a broadhead.

The ground blind I use now, and
provide for my hunters, is the Primos Dark Horse blind. If you have been
following my bear hunts the last few years you will have noticed I do
more and more ground blind hunting for bears. I have used natural
blinds, homemade blinds, other company’s blinds, and now only the
Primos Dark Horse.

This ground blind has added a whole new dimension to bear
hunting. I can now set up several bait locations, clean out brush and
limbs and have a bait I can set up in minutes if I decide to hunt that
bait. The Dark Horse is quiet to set up and I am not disturbing the area the way I
would putting up a tree stand. Tree stands we put up a day or two
before using the bait sight. The ground blinds save time and we don’t
have to have as many. The portability makes changing a site a snap.

In a blind you can kick back
and relax while the cameraman watches for the bear and wakes you just
in time to take the shot. Just joking. I am too excited when I hunt and
really very anxious for that first sighting of a big bear approaching.

like the comfort of a ground blind in the rain and bad weather. When I
go on a hunt I only have a certain amount of days before returning home
and back to work at my pro shop Freddie Bear Sports. So I hunt in the
rain and bad weather. It might not be the most productive hunting time
but it only takes the right two minutes for that bear to walk in range.
I want to be there and ready when that two minutes arrives.

I think a ground blind helps hold human scent in a little better
than not sitting in a blind. I also feel it helps keep any sound you
might make to a bit lower level.

Bugs can be a problem in Ontario, Canada. I use the ThermaCELL in bug infested areas. Turn it on in a blind and bugs disappear. 

year I poured honey on my hot ThermaCELL pad. I think the smell can attract a bear as well as help hide human scent. ThermaCell makes a scent
dispenser. I have one for deer hunting. I improvised with my regular
ThermaCell and it worked fine.

Primos has a small pruner I used
this year. Several times it was put to use to make better arrow
clearance lanes. The brush and twigs seem to always be in the way when
you finally get situated. A few snips and lanes are wide open for a
clear shot. 

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