Color Phase Bears – Part 1
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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2009 Bear Bowhunt with Fred Lutger’s Wilderness Bowhunts and Canoe Canada Outfitters. Fred Lutger, Chef Klaus and Robert Hoague bowhunt black bear in Ontario, Canada.

Color Phase Bears – Part 1

By Robert Hoague

Sep 16, 2009 – 7:01:43 AM

When you think of Ontario, Canada you don’t think of Color Phase bears.
That may well be true in other areas that the bears are all black in
color but in the bear management area Fred hunts there are color phase

We frequently see bears that are black but have a brown, reddish
or blond hair along their back. We call these bears Skunk Bears.

The lighter colored hair along this bear’s back, and others like it, caused us to nickname these bears ‘Skunk Bears’.

are chocolate brown color phase bears and reddish cinnamon colored
bears. Over
the years I have personally taken brown and cinnamon color phase bears
here as well as some Skunk Bears.

The recovery of a big chocolate brown color phase bear.

A brownish, cinimun colored bear with blond hair on its back and sides. This is one of the ‘Skunk Bears’.

Fred Lutger may have harvested more Ontario bears than any other
bowhunter, he’s been at it since the 70’s, and if anyone is an expert on bowhunting bears it is him.  In his excellent ‘how
to’ video Jaws And Claws he locates and hunts a white phase black bear.
The bear is pretty lucky because Fred misses him and Fred almost never
misses. But Fred stays after the unique bear and is successful. a few
years ago Fred saw a bear with a coat of many colors and he hunted it
hard. And on the last day of the hunt he got the unusual bear.

Anyone interested in bowhunting with Fred Lutger can contact him
at 708-532-4133 or or at his archery pro
shop and sporting goods store Freddie Bear Sports in Tinley Park,

Here is a brief gallery of some of the color phase bears from the
area Fred hunts.

No blond bears in Ontario. Think again.

A reddish colored bear walks by the scouting camera.

This bear is a mixture of brown and black.

A chocolate brown bear gets his picture taken on the game camera.

The sun shine up the brown coat of this bear.

A chocolate brown bear.


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