Bears – My First Hunt


Bears – My First Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Aug 28, 2009 – 3:57:16 PM


The first order of the day was an early breakfast. Chef Klaus (Mike Ditchler) made us omelets, the kind that he flips in the air, and puts only the right stuff between the top and bottom. A little orange juice and hot coffee finished out a perfect breakfast.

Next on our agenda was checking the bait line. Fred uses different types of food for bait, meat scraps and other things. Here is some of his secret bear goodies being put in a 5 gallon bucket.

Here is a bucket full of secret bear goodies that a bear will walk miles to get at.

We loaded up the truck with bait buckets and hit the road to run the bait sites. Every single bait was hit and we refreshed them all. This is how that works. In this pic Fred and Mike are looking at the damage the bears did to this particular site.

Fred dumps one of the buckets of a mixture of bear goodies and other things that bears like on the ground.

The next step is to gather up the scattered logs and pile them over the bear treats. Mike Ditchler is adding a log on the pile in this pic. 

Soon all the logs are piled uip and here is the finished masterpiece, logs a la bear goodies with Fred’s secret sauce.

When all the sites were fixed up for the bears we returned to the camp headquarters. It was already time to fix lunch and Chef Klaus grilled New York strip steaks with baked potatoes.

The Hunt Begins

Fred dropped me off at a site where a Double Bull ground blind was set up in the trail we use to get to the bear bait. After I was situated inside the blind I checked the distance from my position to the log pile, 16 yards.

Time had gotten away from us this morning and it was already 5:30 when I was ready inside the blind. A few minutes after 6:00 I heard noises in the path behind the ground blind.

As I already mentioned, the blind is set up on the trail to the bait. If the noises in the trail were being made by a bear, and that was a likely possibility, the blind was in its way.

Soon a black object moved into view about 5 yards to my right and a young bear took shape in the thick ground cover. I already had the video camera on and moved the tripod arm until I picked him up in the view screen, as he walked to the right side of the logs stacked next to a big White Pine tree.

The bear came up to the logs and waited briefly and then hurried away. I was not interested in shooting this bear but I would have enjoyed watching it and getting more of him on video.

Fifteen minutes later I noticed a blob of black 35 yards behind the the logs. The blob stayed in one place for five minutes, but I didn’t need to see it all to know it was a bear and that it was checking out the area. When the blob moved it walked up with the big White Pine tree between us and I couldn’t see the bear very well until it stepped up behind the logs on the left of the tree.

I already had the video camera on and framed him up. Then I picked up my bow and nocked an arrow. The bear pushed a couple of logs out of the way and I got a pic of him with a mouth full of meat scraps.

Then I picked up my bow and nocked an arrow and waited to find out if he would let me see enough of him for a shot.


In a little bit he backed away and stood broadside in the brush for a minute. If he left this episode was over. If he stayed things could still work out. He turned and was gone.

In minutes another bear walked into view on my right, about 10 yards away. Another young bear. I turned on the video camera and watched him.

What an exciting afternoon I was having today in the Canadian bear woods.


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