Bears – My First Hunt – Part 2
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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2009 Bear Bowhunt with Fred Lutger’s Wilderness Bowhunts and Canoe Canada Outfitters. Fred Lutger, Chef Klaus and Robert Hoague bowhunt black bear in Ontario, Canada.

Bears – My First Hunt – Part 2

By Robert Hoague

Aug 29, 2009 – 3:59:58 PM

What an afternoon it was today. And I couldn’t have know. but it was going to get even better. Before long another bear came up to the log pile. A young bear.

It moved to my side of the big pine tree, pawed the logs around and found some of Fred’s bear goodies. In a few minutes it hopped up on the logs and looked into the woods, all eyes and ears on alert. 

I didn’t hear a sound or see anything but the bear obviously did. It went into stealth mode and quickly and silently walked into the woods and disappeared in the trees to my right.

Minutes afterward a bear took shape in the ground cover. It was the bear I had seen a little earlier today.

It walked to the logs on the left side of the tree. This is not a good place for me to shoot because of the thick leaves and limbs. Hungry, is what this bear is about and he ate like he was ravenous.

Fred uses restaurant grease on the logs and trees by the bait. The bear smelled the pine tree and began licking it. Here he is with his tongue sticking out.

After ten minutes of scarfing pieces of fresh meat and bear goodies the bear moved away. He was never in a position that gave me a clear shot.

A few minutes passed and the first bear I’d seen today came over to the logs. Alternating between looking around and eating, the bear got with the lunch box program.

Meanwhile my video camera stopped recording and a message came on the view finder that I had used up all the hard drive space. While I looked through the menu to find the section for deleting video files the bear snapped to attention  and looked into the distant woods. By its posturing I could tell something was coming. 

The bear turned and started down the trail toward my ground blind. It walked right to the front of the blind and stopped a couple of yards from my feet.

On the left side of the blind there was half an arms length of space between the side of the blind and a pine tree and the brush along the trail. The bear pushed himself into that opening. I saw the wall of the blind moving. Then he stopped and scratched on the side of the blind.

Once he cleared the blind he scratched on the back side a few times. Then the bear was gone.

Wow, nothing could be cooler than that.

I tried to delete some files from the video camera but couldn’t figure it out. A glimpse of dark bear color fifty yards in front of me was the tip off that a bear was in the immediate area.

I set the video camera down and waited.

Continued in Part 3…


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