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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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2009 Bear Bowhunt with Fred Lutger’s Wilderness Bowhunts and Canoe Canada Outfitters. Fred Lutger, Chef Klaus and Robert Hoague bowhunt black bear in Ontario, Canada.

Bear Hunting Bow Setup

By Fred Lutger

Sep 9, 2009 – 6:55:01 PM

Bear Hunting Bow Set Up, 2009 Bear Hunt

For this year’s bear hunt, the bow I chose is a PSE 2009 X Force 7 GX. I picked a black finish. I really like hunting in pop up blinds for bear (more on that later) and I try and use everything black to help me disappear in the blind. I set the weight at 65  pounds.  Then I sighted in the first pin at 10 yards on my store’s indoor range. It was dead-on when I shot outdoors at twenty yards. That works fine for the 15 yard shots we set up on our baits.

I equipped this bow with PSE’s Phantom Drop-Away arrow rest. This rest features a full capture platform for the arro
w. Most of my hunting is from a tree stand or ground blind. This capture type rest assures me the arrow will not be bumped off the bow when I move around inside the confined quarters of the blind.

This bow is also set up with a PSE Vertex Quiver. It is a two piece quiver that keeps the arrows absolutely quiet and at the ready, something I want when on the ground with a bear.

I used a Cobra Boomslang Bowsight on my bow this spring for turkey. I really liked it and wanted to try their Boomslang Plus sight for this hunt. This sight features a 2 inch pin guard aperture, .019 metal pins and is light adaptable.

I used Cobra’s rheostat light. Even with bright fiber-optic pins, hunting in a dark blind, this light really helps me see the pins better. My eyes aren’t what they use to be. This sight and light is easy to use for a perfect shot.

Coupled with this sight I used a Loc-A-Peep Whisper peep sight. This peep features  Elastomeric vibration damping nodules, a fancy way of saying it quiets string noise. I like that.  At 15 yards, on the ground with a bear, I don’t want him to know where I’m at. It also uses an elastic tether to perfectly align the peep at full draw. 

This peep features an elliptical aperture that becomes circular at full draw. Aligning the circle in the peep with the circular pin guard on the Cobra Boomslang Plus sight and then putting the pin on target, improves accuracy.

In place of a stabilizer I once again put on a Roscoby Risor Cam. I used this bow mounted camera this spring to film some of my turkey hunts. This camera has put a new dimension in hunting that lets you record your hunt yourself.

I can also use this camera on a tripod and set it near the bait and pointed back to my ground blind for some real dynamic second angle shots when I have a camera man filming the action.

Lastly on my bow, I once again installed a Draves Archery Komfort Kiss kisser button. I am new to using kisser buttons. I have never felt the need for one. But since I used this button on my spring turkey hunt I have fallen in love with this extra anchor check. I am for anything that improves accuracy.

I put together a dozen new arrows for this hunt. I fletched a dozen Carbon Express  Aramid KV shafts with 5 1/2 inch Trueflight shield shape feathers.

If I am going to shoot a top-of-the-line bow I am not going to skimp on arrows. These new Aramid KV arrows are the finest on the market. I want to be confident that every arrow in my quiver is going to be accurate, precise and shoot in the same hole each time. I have been hunting with Eastman CX arrows for many years. The new Aramid nKV arrows are not only Carbon Express’s  top-of-the-line arrow but I feel they are the industries “top-of-the-line” arrow.

I tipped these off with Magnus Stinger Buzzcut broadheads. (More about them in the next article.)


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