Bear Hunt – Recovery


Bear Hunt – Recovery

By Robert Hoague

Sep 1, 2009 – 6:05:37 AM


When Fred drove up I told him what happened. He agreed, if I didn’t hear a death moan it would be better to track the bear in daylight.

We returned to camp and Chef Klaus fired up the grill and made BBQ pork ribs. This turned out to be world class BBQ, tasty and tender. Absolutely delicious. It was a good thing he cooked a lot of ribs because we ate a lot. With dinner out of the way we turned in for some sleep.


Coffee was brewing as I walked down stairs. Mike asked if we wanted breakfast and I told him not today. We had a bear to get.

We stopped the truck on the logging Skidder Trail and walked to the logs. A large spatter of blood was on the ground and we took up the track. The arrow had passed through and was 8 steps from the spatter.

A couple more steps and we were in the thickest woods imaginable. Blood smears were on leaves and trees and 45 yards from the shot site the bear was half way under a blow down log. Truthfully, I didn’t expect any problems and we didn’t have any.

We propped the bear up on the log and took a few pictures. I think it is important to make your game look as good as possible in its last pictures. It might sound hokey but I feel like it is honoring them and showing them the respect they deserve.

Here are Fred Lutger and myself with my 2009 Ontario black bear.

And this is a little closer look. Ah yes, life is good in the bear woods this morning.


– The Canadian forest is full of flying insects. Biting insects
that make the waiting part of your hunt miserable. But the ThermaCELL keeps the mosquitoes, black flys  and other flying bugs away from you. Often you can see them zipping around in the air a few yards from you but they keep thier distance once you turn the ThermaCELL on. It is the bear hunters partner.

MAGNUS Stinger – I’ve shot bears before with the Magnus Stinger and this head is all good. It’s extremely sharp out of the pack and can be resharpened over and over if need be. I appreciate it that it flies like my field points. And made large entrance and exit wounds and put my bear on the ground in 45 yards. Mike Sohm is all about making top quality broadheads. Magnus delivers. 

LOC-A-PEEPThis new peep sight has some impressive features. It locks down on your bowstring, holding it tightly in place with the need of serving it in. It  can not shift up or down after installation. The one I use is the Red one and it has a Tether to guarantee it turns just right at draw for you to see though. And the aperture is large enough for bowhunting. Fred had the new Whisper Peep on his bow and that one is going to be a huge seller for Loc-A-Peep. It is a distinctive design that helps eliminate vibration and noise. Great idea.

Arizona EZ-Fletch
– Once  I discovered how easy it is to fletch arrows with
fast, accurate arrow fletcher I began making my own arrows. The Arizona
EZ-Fletch makes creating your own arrows simple, fast and
fun. I enjoy making them look different for each big hunt.
I fletched
the bear hunt arrows with dyed Yellow RAYZR feathers from
Gateway Feathers
. My Gold Tip camo finish arrows are wrapped with Bohning Archery yellow
wraps that are shorter for today’s shorter vanes and feathers. This combination showed up big time and it sped straight to the bear.

BowTech 82nd Airborne
Smooth shooting and
extremely accurate. At 64 pounds this BowTech speed bow clocks in at
301 fps. And it is just the right length for a ground blind. Mine is
the black 2008 model which makes it invisible in
the darkness inside the blind.
My arrow went through the bear and continued on for another 8 yards. That’s power.

COBRA BoomSlang
When it all comes down to the shot, a pop up blind can be so dark inside that you have
trouble seeing your sight pin — even if they are fiber optic pins.
Cobra’s BoomSlang has a rheostat light that illuminates the pins in
stages. It is perfect for ground blind bowhunting.

Other gear that was an asset on this bear hunt were the Nikon Lazer Rangefinder 550S. I used it to dial in all the immediate trees and other landmarks. PRIMOS Double Bull Dark Horse
– Ok, so it works on wild turkeys, but how about bears? The one word
answer is, yes. The blind has an effective new camo pattern and
combines the original designs of both the T-5
and Matrix blinds. Two sides are T-5 and two are Matrix. The Matrix
part makes it easier to take pictures or video from.


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