2009 Bear Bowhunt



2009 Bear Bowhunt

By Robert Hoague

Aug 21, 2009 – 8:15:11 PM


This trip has definitely been a traveling challenge. The plan was to fly to Montana and antelope hunt and then fly to International Falls and join the bear hunt. To get there I had to fly from Rapid City to Denver to Minneapolis to International Falls. On the way my plane was late and I got stuck in Minneapolis.

I missed the last flight of the day to International Falls. A gate agent booked me for the next days flight at 9:35pm and I got another stay in a motel. The gate agent gave me a distressed traveler voucher for a motel room and I phoned the 800 number. They were out of distressed traveler motels. It was now midnight so I got to spend $97. At least it was a good nights sleep.

So today, Friday, I went on standby for the other flights to International Falls. And, hurray, I got on the 2:30 flight.

So now I’m doing web stuff at the International Falls airport. The place is almost empty, quite a change from the other airport on the way. And soon  Fred Lutger will arrive and pick me up.

Admittedly, the trip has had some glitches but so be it. Tomorrow I’ll eat breakfast made by my bear hunting buddy Chef Klaus and be in the bear woods later.

I’ve got the mobile internet with me and will update from the hunt site.


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