Wade Nolan Writers Camp & Turkey Hunt – Wade’s Hunt



Wade Nolan Writers Camp & Turkey Hunt – Wade’s Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Apr 11, 2008 – 9:44:45 PM


Two weeks ago on the previous Wade Nolan hunting event at Wild Horse Prairie Ranch, Jim Seeley of Sportsman’s Channel TV had taken a hog at Viewpoint and Wade went there this afternoon.

A group of cows came into the area at the same time some hogs came up from a nearby draw. The hogs and cows stopped a few yards apart and watched each other.

Eventually, the hogs lost the standoff and ran back to the gully and disappeared. An hour and a half later the hogs came back out of the gully.

When the hogs walked near his tree Wade saw the chance to get a clear shot at an “Oreo” hog (Dark colored hog with white in the middle). He took the 21 yard shot and hit the hog in the vitals and it bolted and immediately fell to the ground.

Wade reported, “You could not have counted to 3 between when the arrow hit the hog and when he was upside down.”

Product Profile

Wade was shooting a Bear Truth 2 bow. The broadhead was a Grim Reaper Razor Cut. His scent elimination consisted of ATSCO N-O-Dor odor oxidizer and for the last two years he has taken NULLO internal deodorant pills daily.


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