Setting Up The Turkey Hunting Bow


Setting Up The Turkey Hunting Bow

By Robert Hoague

Mar 22, 2008 – 6:03:33 AM


I met the Duck at Lake Fork and we dorve to Lake Country Archery to have Richard McCarty set up my new BowTech 82nd Airborne. I ordered the bow in Black so it would have the extra edge in a ground blind. The finish on the bow was a flat black coating that will not give off any glare.

Richard McCarty of Lake Country Archery begins to set up my new, black finish BowTech 82nd Airborne.

The Duck videoed as Richard set up and tuned up the bow. There will be two parts to this; the set up and then fitting the bow to the shooter (me). Here is the first video. Oh, have you ever seen a chronograph read 341? Well, you are gonna now. TO VIDEO  Setting Up The Turkey
Hunting Bow

Richard shoots one through the chronograph.


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