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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Join us as Fred Lutger, David Mills and Robert Hoague go for the Grand Slam this Spring. Our plan is to begin in Florida in mid March and move on to Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee. Look for the daily updates, lots of on the spot pictures, and plenty of video for as the hunt progresses.


By Robert Hoague

Mar 26, 2008 – 1:13:55 PM

When we arrived at the farm where we were hunting the landowner showed us an area by a river that ran through the property. We set up a ground blind 25 yards from a fence that separated the woods along the river from an  adjacent cow pasture and a field of corn stubble.

Before daylight Fred and I were in the blind listening to gobbles originating from the trees across the field, some 500 plus yards away. The next two hours we glassed wild turkeys walking, strutting and chasing each other on the hillside where the birds had been roosted.

At 11:00 we had not had any turkey activity and decided to return to the farm house and eat some of our sandwiches. I said, “Lets wait 15 more minutes before leaving.”

A few minutes passed and Fred noticed wild turkeys to our left. Fred signaled me. I turned on the video camera and looked to see what was up.

Several red heads were at the front of the group of wild turkeys — walking single file in our direction — on the opposite side of the fence. I counted 6 longbeards in the group.

Fred made some soft yelps and I videoed as the turkeys got closer. Fred drew as two big gobblers took the lead and ducked under the fence and walked to our two decoys.

The biggest gobbler, a real pot bellied Tom, stepped into the lead. Fred was all over that and took his shot.

The gobbler ran 5 yards to our right — switched directions — and dropped by the other lead gobbler.

Surprise! The turkeys weren’t leaving.

Quickly, I handed the video camera to Fred and and got my bow. I nocked an arrow and looked for a shot.

But it didn’t happen.

Here is Fred Lutger with the first gobbler of this year’s Grand Slam bowhunt.

FRED’S EQUIPMENT (In Fred’s own words.)
BowTech General – “The first 3 arrows out of the bow were so tight I could put my fingers around the group. It only took a few arrows to sight it in. I always

immediately silence a new bow. That was unnecessary, the bow was already as quiet and vibration free as a bow can be.”

“I used the latest Montana Black Gold sight with the smallest pins and cans see them from inside the blind. My arrows were Carbon Express arrows with 5 1/2 inch Shield cut Tru-Flite feathers. My broadhead was the new Tru-Fire Switchblade and the gobbler only went 10 yards and expired immediately.”


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