Nebraska – Day 1 – Afternoon Hunt


Nebraska – Day 1 – Afternoon Hunt

By Robert Hoaue

Mar 30, 2008 – 10:24:35 AM


We returned to the same area we were at this morning and hunted the rest of the day. At “turkey go to roost time” three longbeards entered the picked corn field in front of us  and crossed it 250 yards away. Past that, on the hillside to the north west is a quarter mile long and that is where we saw all the activity this morning.

This afternoon was a reverse replay of the morning’s wild turkey movement as hens, jakes and longbeards topped the distant hill 700 yards away and then meandered through the hillside and worked their way down to a bunch of cotton wood trees that separated the woods from the picked corn field we were overlooking.

You may remember that particular hillside is 500 yards from us so we were more than totally out of the action.

Wild turkeys on the hill 500 yards away — with the digital camera on full zoom.

But it was something wonderful to see, a real mad house of turkey related activity. Our immediate area, however, was not a happening place, no turkeys came around. But there sure were plenty 500 yards away.

In the last half hour of daylight we folded up the blind and went to look over the hill where the turkeys turkeys came first appeared this afternoon. A  valley opened up to the south east of the hill and it looked promising.

We’ll be there in the morning. 

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