April 24 Turkey Hunt With Rick Philippi

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Join us as Fred Lutger, David Mills and Robert Hoague go for the Grand Slam this Spring. Our plan is to begin in Florida in mid March and move on to Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee. Look for the daily updates, lots of on the spot pictures, and plenty of video for BowTube.com as the hunt progresses.

April 24 Turkey Hunt With Rick Philippi

By Robert Hoague

Apr 26, 2008 – 9:00:52 AM

5:00 am.

The thunder, lightning and rain were over. This morning our plan was to do the run and gun type turkey hunting. We drove to many different locations and called.

No luck.

At noon we returned for lunch. Cathy prepared another home cooked meal.

We went back out, this time to an area where we had not yet been. After several “no responses” we finally heard a distant gobble and set up at the edge of an open area. The gobbles came closer and then moved through the trees on the opposite side of the opening.

Finally the gobbles moved further away and then stopped.

We moved to a hill that had a narrow open strip that at some time had probably been a pipe line or an old road. A close gobble got us going.

We didn’t have time to hide the Bad Boy Buggy so Rick eased up to the edge of the trees and I popped the blind up in front of it.

The gobbler hung up in the thick woods behind us. When he went on the move he came up behind us and gobbled several times. We couldn’t see him but from the sound he was on the other side of our parked ATV.

He moved away.

Twenty minutes later we called up another gobble. This time the bird came by us uphill, and quite a distance from us.

That afternoon we waited in the blind at another location and saw 3 solo hens. But no gobblers came into our area.

The temperature was brutally hot and it made for a miserable 4 hour wait. The thermater at camp read 97 degrees.

We packed our gear and returned to Rick’s home.

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