April 21 and 22 – New Turkeys



April 21 and 22 – New Turkeys

By Robert Hoague

Apr 22, 2008 – 1:59:41 PM


April 21 – A New Turkey Area?

The foreman of the neighboring ranch told me he had been seeing strutting gobblers by the stock pond to the south of my house and also in a newly bulldozed clear area south of the pond.

April 22 – Yes Indeed

This is a day that I decided not to hunt since if I got one I may not have time to deal with it because I had to be in Fort Worth between noon and 1:00. But I wanted to see what was up in the area mentioned above.

In the dawns early light I eased along a fence line where some farm equipment is parked to get close enough to glass the stock pond.

Gobble! And more and more gobbles!

Dead ahead. In the direction of the pond.

My bow was purposely left at the house  and I didn’t want to call either. The temptation to creap up and look the gobblers over tickled my brain. But it was a bad idea.

I already knew all I needed to know.

Yes sir, I got me a brand new turkey area just waiting for me to show up when I get back from the hunt with Rick Philippi in north Texas.

I returned home and started packing. Later, when I carried out my stuff and put it in my truck a loud gobble from the edge of the woods 200 yards away almost rattled out the windows in the front of my house.

Mmmm, mmmm …. Dwayne, grab your video gear and we’ll see if we can make contact with this loud mouth Saturday morning.

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