This Ain’t Hollywood – It’s the TRUTH 2

Bear Archery

This Ain’t Hollywood – It’s the TRUTH 2

By Brent Henderson

Jan 7, 2008 – 9:04:46 AM


At the age of ten, my father took me to a father-son-banquet hosted by none other than Fred Bear. I watched the video of this hunting giant as he shot targets out of the air as they were tossed skyward. I then sat motionless, as I watched him shoot a huge brown bear from behind a rock in Wide Bay, Alaska with a Bear Kodiak. From that moment, I became hooked on hunting with a bow.


For my tenth birthday, I asked for my first Bear recurve. I spent hours in the backyard shooting pictures of bears I’d taped onto a cardboard box at five yards. I never cared much for shooting from “three point range” because I couldn’t see the animal in the picture from that distance. I was always taught that you never, ever shoot an animal that you’re not absolutely sure you can kill from whatever distance you’re hunting from.

This new bow opened up a whole new world to me, as I could now shoot from ten or fifteen yards accurately. When I could no longer see the animal I’d taped onto the box, my mother said; “Why don’t you get a marker and just draw a bigger picture on the box?” So, that’s exactly what I did. Then, I would elaborately color in the images with a huge head and massive teeth, blood dripping off of seven-inch canines, and 12 inch claws that could knock the head off of a steer with one swipe! The bear I’d envisioned in my head meant business, but so did I. I was about to turn twelve, and a whole new world was about to unfold.  I was old enough to become a hunter.   

Being a writer, I’m always drawn into a great story. When Primos came out with their “Truth” video series, I purchased every single one. Every time I heard the theme song play at the beginning of their video, I was ready to nuke a bag of popcorn (a little butter and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top), get an RC Cola, and be drawn in to the adventures on the television. It wasn’t long before I got bored with the smallness of the television, and so I purchased a rear projection imager and projected the image up on my eight-foot high wall. This made the animals on the screen seem “life size”, and in my mind, I was right there with Will and his team.


In 2006, Bear sent me their new Code bow so that I could write an article about the bow. I was impressed by not only the quality of what they had created, but with the cost of the bow, its 305 feet per second speed, and with its quietness and dampened vibration. The first buck I shot with that bow was a 200 pound twelve point. As the arrow struck between its shoulders, it immediately smashed it to the ground like of ton of bricks.


I hadn’t shot a bow from Bear in years, and I, like many other hunters, had been sucked into the lie that says; “If it costs more, it must be better.” It was Fred Bear’s passion for hunting and quality that launched the archery industry. Fred never targeted the high-rollers his bows were for factory men like him.  It was the telling of his stories, and seeing his bow in action that convinced me that I needed to shoot was he was shooting. That same truth holds true today. When I heard that the team from Primos was teaming up with Bear to help create a new bow line, I was ecstatic.


At the 2007 NWTF show in Nashville, Tennessee, I ran into Will Primos. I told him how impressed I had been with Bears comeback into the bow arena, and how I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new Truth bow they had just released. With that, he went into a passionate soliloquy on the new Truth bow, describing how they could have signed with almost any other top bow company, but chose Bear because he felt that they really listened to the needs of the hunter, the need for quality, and the need for affordability in a market saturated with hype and over-priced junk.

By the end of our conversation, I was ready to experience the Truth. I could see it in the focus of his eyes, and hear it in the absolute confidence of his voice that he truly believed that what Primos and Bear were creating would change the standards of the bow industry for years to come. He was so passionate and energized from describing the new bow to me, that by the time he was finished talking about this new beast, he was already giving my name and address to someone from Bear so that they could send me their new bow! It’s that passion that has brought me back to my roots in Bear archery.

Bear’s Ross Reinhart and Ben Blosser represented Bear Archery at a Whitetail University writer camp and we were among the first to shoot the new Truth 2.

At a recent Whitetail University writer’s camp, with Wade Nolan in southern Illinois, Bear sent Ross Reinhart (Bear’s marketing director), and Ben Blosser (Bear’s product development engineer) to present the new Truth 2. They wanted for us to get some hands on quality time with the new bow. After hearing Ross cast the vision for where Bear is heading and then listening to Ben describe all the new technology that went into the forging of this new weapon, we all went outside to put it to the test. As I released the first several arrows, I closed my eyes after each shot so that I could immediately break down several criteria that I consider essential for a great hunting bow.

First: Feel

This bow has a one-piece, slim synthetic grip that reduces vibration, minimizes hand torque and provides the warmest feel in cold weather. It felt like it was made to fit my hand from the get go. As I released each arrow, I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of hand shock. It really helped me focus on my follow through as I wasn’t distracted by hand shock like I’ve experienced with many of today’s fastest bows.

Second: Smoothness

The Truth 2 has a perimeter-weighted modular single cam. Bear’s engineers claim the powerful single cam proves it is an engine for speed when The Truth 2 reaches 318 fps. You can’t deny that. Yet, the cam’s shape sets the stage for a smooth draw – including an asymmetric power track that reduces friction and increases cable life. The cam quietly rotates during draw and release on a sealed, stainless steel ball bearing. Likewise, the idler wheel pivots on stainless steel ball bearings. Smooth is built in to every part of The Truth 2. And this cam has 1″ modular increments and ½” post increments, including a large segment of the draw length range that does not require a bow press.

As I drew the Truth 2, it was smooth from start to finish. It broke over the top like a mountain climber who is ready to keep going, not like one who is shaking from the trek. It had a rock solid anchor point that immediately and repeatedly found its location on my cheek like my GPS unit finding its way home with pin-point accuracy.

Bear has introduced NEW Axle-mounted Weighted Dampeners to capture vibration where the energy is released at the shot. This and the neat Duel Arc String Suppressors make this the quietest bow I have ever shot.

Third: Quietness

The Truth 2 has axle-mounted weighted dampeners. Four dampeners are positioned optimally at the far end of the limbs where energy release occurs, for the optimal absorption of vibration. As I shot the bow, everyone gathered around commented on how unbelievably quiet it was. That equates to fewer animals ducking the bowstring.

Fourth: Balance

This is where The Truth 2 really shines. As I closed my eyes after each shot (before I could even process there was very little hand shock), the first thing I noticed was that this bow is BALANCED! Sorry to say?this bow doesn’t rock ;0) It is a rock. There was no forward tilt or left to right sway on the follow through. It just sat there. Shhh, it’s sleeping?

Fifth:  Speed

Here’s the down and dirty. This bow will flat out shoot fire! With an IBO speed of 318 fps, few bows can match its blazing speed. To me, speed is important in the field, not only with the transfer of kinetic energy, but when my judgment isn’t the best as my heart is about to jump out of my chest from excitement. Simply put, the faster the arrow, the less arc. This translates to a better score on the 3D range, a more humane shot if you’ve misjudged the yardage, and a wall hanger to relive great moments for years to come.


This bow is built from the ground up to be more than a technical masterpiece. It’s a bow that was designed to be just plain fun to shoot. (The engineer had to pry it from my hands). When you can design a bow that not only smokes, but all around outperforms the competition, you’ve got the real deal. This bow doesn’t need all the hype of its competitors, it speaks for itself. Fred Bear had it right; build a bow for the hunter and for the hunt. Remember folks, this ain’t Hollywood, it’s The Truth 2!






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