Robert Edwards Bear Hunt


Robert Edwards Bear Hunt

By Robert Hoague

Sep 19, 2008 – 6:45:46 AM


Robert Edwards hunted 3 days without seeing a bear. On the fourth day
he set up a pop up blind in a different area. At 7:30 a bear that
“sounded like a freight train” from two hundred yards away and stopped
5 yards from Robert. It was a brown phase bear and Robert did not have
a shot  because of brush in front of him. The bear ate some
marshmallows and went to the bait and removed a log. A crack off in the
distance caused the bear to bolt back into the woods.

Robert Edwards and his friend and hunting buddy
Don Himmelberg.

Thirty minutes later he saw “a whale of a black bear” about 100 yards
away. Robert heard it in the thick stuff and come into the area but
couldn’t see it. Then a small black bear went to the bait and fed on it.

The next day Robert returned to the same ground blind. About 8:00 the
brown phase bear snuck in. It snagged a marshmallow and returned to the
woods. The next time Robert saw it the bear 5 yards to his left. It
grunted and ran off.

After sunset, a black bear came to the bait. Robert drew his bow and
his arrow made a noise on the arrow rest. The bear heard it and ran
into the woods. When it returned it ravaged the bait pile. Robert could
not get a shot now because it was too dark.

The next day Rob McNeff gave him some “rest implants” that fit over the
prongs of Robert’s arrow rest. The implants quieted the draw. Robert shot his bow to be sure nothing
had changed and all was well.

He returned to the woods for his last hunt and had two bears come in as it was getting dark, and too late to shoot.

Robert Edwards (center) with a Northern. (L) Robbie Cramer and (R) George Tague.

Robert Edwards began bowhunting for small game as a young kid. He
bagged his first deer with the bow as the age of 16. Ever since he has
been hooked on bowhunting, and often times choose his bow over his
rifle during the Tennessee rifle season. He gets wild turkeys and
whitetail deer every year with his bow.

He told me, “To this day every bowhunt is a learning experience. Every
hunt is a different situation, things happen that are unexpected, the
best thing you can do is learn from it. I am excited about the last day
of this hunt, hoping the brown b ear will shot up again and getting a
shot at him.”

Robert runs an employment agency in Nashville, Tennessee. He loves to
hunt and fish. He is friends with Don Himmelberg and when Don bragged
about his 2007 hunt Robert thought, “I have got to do this.” And he did. 

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