Robbie Gets His First Bear


Robbie Gets His First Bear

By Robert Hoague

Aug 18, 2008 – 7:26:15 PM


On his first hunt Robbie Cramer didn’t see any bears. The bait was hit though and had been every day for three weeks straight.

Robbie carried bait into the stand site. It was cleaned and Robbie
baited, put the logs back over it., and started toward the ground
blind . He noticed that the front of it had been pushed in so a bear had
investigated it. Robbie got in and got everything situated. Then sprayed
everything inside and his gear with Scent Killer and started his
Thermacel.  He checked his watch, it was 5:15.

Reaching into his pack he pulled out his set of Pro Ears ‘Stalkers’ slipped them over his head and turned each cup on. “I was amazed at what all I could hear and how clear and natural everything sounded with these on. 
Earlier in the truck Fred told me that if I heard a twig or branch
snap it was a tell tale sign that a bear was in the area. Sure enough,
clear as a bell though the Pro Ears, I heard a branch snap in the
distance. It was clear and precise and I knew a bear was coming. I
took the Pro-Ears off and sure enough, in about three minutes a bear walked into view from my
left. It looked around the area briefly and then walked right to the
bait bucket I had set out that had peanut butter and jelly in it. The
bear ate some of it. I looked at my watch and it was 6:45. I’ll never hunt again without Pro Ears.”

“After that he went to the bait and shoved his head under the logs and
pushed himself underneath them. He grabbed a piece of fresh meat and
scurried off into the woods. A few minutes later he returned and stole
another piece of meat and left. This time I used my binoculars that
have a camera on them and took some pictures of the bear.  He
started again moving logs out of the way to get to more goodies. He grabbed another piece of meat
and stepped back but this time he didn’t leave.”

“The bear had his head down , concentration on his meal. I knew from Ranging that  he was  9 yards away, standing broadside. I drew my bow as the bear turned quartering away, took aim and
released. The arrow entered the body on the right side in the ribs angling toward the opposite shoulder.”

“The bear ran the way it was facing, straight down a trail. I
immediately put the Pro Ears back on and listened. I heard the bear
crash in the brush and in less than a minute I heard a moan.”

“I was sure it wad dead, based on what I heard about a bears death
moan, but being a first time bear hunter I decided not to go after the
bear alone. I walked to the pick up place and later Fred and Robert
arrived and we decided to recover the bear in the morning.”

“In the morning we took up the trail There wasn’t very much blood. But the bear had ran into a nearby section of very thick woods. I skirted around the thick brush and saw the bear’s
paw sticking up in the air, it was laying between two logs. It had gone
45 yards and, obviously, expired right after my shot. “

On this hunt Robbie’s broadhead was a Grim Reaper RazorTip. He said, “The next day I went back and looked
for my arrow, it was 15 yards past where I shot the bear and it was sticking
through the center of a sapling tree! The broadhead was in perfect condition.”

“I’ve used a Game Ear before and the Pro Ears is much better. With the Game Ear in one ear and the other ear normal the sound is not as good. and it’s hard to pin point the sound.  The
Pro Ears cover both ears and made it easy to tell direction. The clarity
of the sound is incredible. By using them I was alerted that a bear was
coming long before he came into sight when I heard the branch crack in the distance. After the shot I
put them on again so I could listen to the direction of where the bear was
going through the brush. And it amplified the death moan and I knew for
sure I had a dead bear.”

Robbie used a Jim Fletcher Fletch Hook release that he began using last
deer season. He said, “Since using it I’ve had a 100% success rate on
what I’ve shot.”

He continued, “I was in a ground blind so I used Scent Killer spray
when I got inside the blind. It was very hot, I was perspiring and I
sprayed the walls of the bind, my bow as well as myself and my clothing
— as I do every time I hunt.”


His bow was was a 60 pound Fred Bear Code, with a Trophy Ridge bowsight.

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