JimboTX Waits For A Big One



JimboTX Waits For A Big One

By Robert Hoague

Aug 22, 2008 – 7:51:31 PM


Jim Mitchell  (JimboTX) returned to a hunt site that he had hunted on a previous hunt with Fred. On the third day he had a small bear come in and videoed it. On
the 4th day of the hunt Jim Mitchell noticed that the wind had shifted
and was now blowing from his stand toward the bait. He figured that a
bear would come from behind the bait, instead of behind him like the
bear yesterday. He was right.

Forty-five minutes after getting in the treestand he saw a bear coming
on the same trail that the bear he shot before used. Jim got his video
camera ready. When the bear cleared the brush and Jim realized that it
was a bigger bear than he had thought and eased his hand down to his

The bear approached the bait and put his two front paws on the top
logs, it was broadside. Jim eased his bow up, focused on the spot he
wanted to hit, and pulled the bow back. He anchored and eased the
trigger back on his release. Just as he shot the bear pushed one of the
logs and it gave way and the bear went with it, forward.

The arrow entered further back than intended. The bear did not run off,
it swirled around and then walked to a tree to the left of the bait and
stopped. Jim grabbed another arrow and nocked it. The bear walked by
Jim on the left and unfortunately he could not shoot, because he is
left handed. But looking at the wound he felt that the arrow may have
caught the liver.

Branches cracked as the bear walked slowly through the woods. Fifteen
minutes later Jim heard the big boar death moan, confirming the liver
was hit.

He waited another 30 minutes and heard no more sounds. Then he got down
and followed the blood trail. It was fairly easy walking because the
undergrowth was not heavy. Jim nocked an arrow, he took 4 or 5 steps at
a time and carefully looked in both directions for the bear in case it
was alive. When he had gone 50 yards he saw the bear 10 yards to his
left, laying in the brush.

Jim got in position so he could draw and shoot if the bear was not
dead. Jim picked up a rock and threw it at the bear’s head and hit it.
There was no movement from the bear.

Jim walked to the bear to look at his Canadian trophy.


On this hunt Jim’s equipment was.a special edition Maxima Hunter Lost
Camo arrow, a G5 Tekan, Mathews Drenalin, Bodoodle Game Getter arrow
rest, Extreme bowsight and a Scott release. On this hunt Jim was one of
the field testers for the Treestand Safety Belt. Jim told me, “The belt
worked fine. It was fairly easy to connect to the tree and gave me a
feeling of being securely fastened to the tree. I’ve used several
different types of  safety belts in the past and the Treestand
Safety Belt is much safer than any of them. “

Jim Mitchell owns a small, high fence ranch in Texas and raises
whitetail deer and black bucks. He is active in ASA (Archery Shooters
Association) and is  the Western Regional Director At Large. He
oversees all the state qualifiers and state championships in his
region. He is active in the national shoots and before coming on the
bear hunt he shot in the ASA Classic Championship in Columbus, Georgia.
He said, “If you shoot a bow 3-D shooting is a wonderful way to stay in
tune for bowhunting.”

He added, “Having known Robert Hoague and Fred Lutger for many years it
was a pleasure to be in Fred’s camp again and see a well run bear camp
and all the fun that the hunters have here. Hunting with Robert is and
has been fun and a great friendship for some 25 odd years.
Bowhunting.net is my home page in my computer at home and I keep in
touch with what is going on every day. Don Beckwith, better known as
Donald Duck, cooks, skins bears, and helps hunters to and from the
stands has been a great friend for many years also. Don is without a
doubt one of the most gracious and nicest people you could ever meet. I
hope in the future we will all be on several more hunts because this
type of friendship is special.” 

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