Fred Reports On His Bear


Fred Reports On His Bear

By Fred Lutger

Mar 25, 2009 – 8:08:12 AM


2008 Canada Bear Hunt, Fred’s Bear 
had good luck on the first stand location I picked this year. I shot a
bear there the second night I hunted. The bad news is, my shot went
high. It didn’t look like a fatal hit. In spite of my poor shot, the
next morning we hit the wood with a big crew of trackers.  We searched
the area for hours but had no luck recovering the bear. I hunted the
same sight the next day but the bait was not re-visited. 
set up a new bait sight I called “Buddy’s bait.” It was a very active
sight and I put a stand up there on the 4th morning of the hunt. I
returned that evening and quietly climbed to my stand and had a seat. 
woods were very still. At a little after seven I heard that distinctive
crack of an approaching bear. The bear did not come directly to the
bait but circled about 100 yards away. It went in the direction of my
truck and I could hear it on the trail I walked in on. I never got a
glimpse of the bear because of the thick foliage. After a few minutes I
could hear the bear coming closer. I kept watching and saw bushes move
to my front and glimpses of the approaching bear. Again, the bear did
not go directly to the bait, but went behind the bait. I kept watching
and listening. Minutes later I saw the bear far to my left heading back
to the area I first heard him. He was a good distance away but turned
and made a bee line straight to the log covered bait in front of me.
This whole episode took an hour. 
was loosing light. I always tell my hunters to wait until the bear is
on the bait and offers a broadside shot. This bear was standing in
front of the bait and offered me a good quartering away shot. I came to
full draw and let fly. I was using a lighted knock and I saw my arrow
bury to the fletch. I watched that bright red nock as the bear ran back
behind the bait and disappeared. I noted the last spot I saw the
lighted nock. A few seconds later I heard the bear’s death moan. I
lowered my bow and got out of the stand. As soon as I got my flashlight
out of my back pack I walked to the spot the bear was standing. The
light lit up a trail of blood that is every bow hunter’s dream.  I
followed a short distance and saw the lighted nock flashing in the
distance. I was in a bunch of tag alders that was almost too thick to
walk through but the bears had worn a good trail through them and I
parted bushes and went to the bear. 
followed the bear trail back to my bait and headed for the road and my
truck. Robbie Craimer was with Robert at the big rock bait a couple
miles away. They came by to check on me on their way to meet with the
other hunters. I told them my bear was dead and I had already found
him. We decided to drag him out right away. That saved us a lot of time
not having to return after meeting up with the other hunters. It was a
long drag, not because the bear went far but because this bait was far
back in the woods. 
loaded the bear on the back of the truck and met with the other
hunters. Good news, Don Himmelberg informed us he also shot a bear
tonight. He ask if we should look for it right away. I said lets wait
until morning. 
First light the next day we found Don’s bear. We had a great breakfast, took pictures and got to skinning. Bear camp is fun. 
Life is good, Fred 


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