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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Our bear hunt with Fred
Lutger’s Wilderness Adventures goes back almost 20 years. This is a hunt that
myself, Donald Duck, Chef Klause, Kirby Knockstedt and Fred look forward to all
year. This year another group of bowhunters are joining us to bear hunt. For
some it will be their first bear hunt. Others go almost every year. Why? Because
Fred Lutger knows how to hunt bears with a bow.

First Bear – Mark and Liz

By Robert Hoague

Aug 17, 2008 – 12:12:15 PM

Mark Shandro arrived at bear camp with his wife Liz the day before the hunt. They went
fishing and caught our dinner. Mark  hunted in a pop up blind near
the bear bait. Liz went along to video and see what bear hunting was
all about.

Half an hour later Liz saw a bear in the trees that was coming their
way. She whispered to Mark that a bear was coming. He couldn’t see it.
The bear came into view and stopped. It ran off. It did that twice
before going to the bait. Before long it left. They heard another bear
behind the blind. It woofed and walked off. Two hours later the
original bear returned and went to the bait again. It moved the logs to
get to the bait.

All of a sudden the bear turned and walked toward the blind and
stopped. It looked into the blind, but it wasn’t jumpy. Then the bear
left the area. That was it for the first hunt.

Today Mark and Liz returned to the same area. The bait had been hit so they rebaited maneuvered the logs for a good shot, then they got in the blind.
Once again Liz saw the bear first.  When Mark saw the bear it was 7
yards from the blind and walked by it and turned toward the bear bait.
The bear pawed the logs out of the way and ate candy.

 Since the bear was facing the blind Mark did not have a shot
opportunity. Mark could not see his pins good because of the darkness
of the blind. He moved his seat closer to the shooting window until he
got better light and could see his pins. . Finally the bear turned
broadside. Mark drew the bow and took his shot. The arrow went through
the bear and the arrow hit a limb and deflected up and to the left.

The bear ran down the trail from that it had left from the day before.
They heard the bear crash and then it gave a death moan. They got out
of the blind right away. Mark saw the disturbance in the moss and
bear’s tracks where it had ran. They followed 20 yards and saw the
bear.Mark poked the bear with a stick.

Mark tagged his bear and they packed their gear and the bear to the road and waited for George Tague to pick them up.

Liz and Mark Shandro with Mark’s first bear.

Mark and Liz live in Blue Island, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. He has
bowhunted 8 years, mainly deer hunting. He got interested in bowhunting
bears on one of his visits to Freddie Bear Sports, Fred Lutger’s store.
Mark asked his wife Liz if she wanted to bear hunt. She didn’t but she
wanted to fish. As their plans came together they added a video camera
to their gear and Liz planned on videoing Mark’s hunt.

Mark said, “It was pretty awesome seeing close bears and being close to
them in the blind. Fred is a very good outfitter and he has always
helped me throughout the years, I buy my equipment from him, and I
figured I couldn’t go wrong. Every time I go in his store I see all the
bear rugs and pelts and now I have my own bear. “ 

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