Chef Klaus – Peanut Butter Bear


Chef Klaus – Peanut Butter Bear

By Robert Hoague

Jul 24, 2009 – 3:01:02 PM


Mike Ditchler (Chef Klaus)
hunted the same stand site every day and saw 3 different bears and took
pictures of them as the days passed.

On the last day of the hunt Mike dropped the Duck (Don Beckwith) off at
the trail to his stand and continued to his own hunting area.

First he
did a Chef Klaus trick and smeared a large quantity of peanut butter
and jelly all over a tree stump and then got in the treestand. The
afternoon sun is behind the stand so it makes good cover. When the sun
was hovering above the tree tops Mike heard a crack in the woods, a
branch had broken, a near sure sign that a bear was in the area. Mike
got his bow in hand and waited.

He saw glimpses of the black as the bear walked along a creek to the
right of the stand. Before long the bear walked to the stump and began
licking the peanut butter and jelly. Mike noticed the loud smacking
noise as the bear scarfed the peanut butter down.

When the bear turned broadside Mike drew, aimed, and took his shot. The
arrow hit and the bear charged into the woods on the right. The sun had
now dropped under the tree tops and soon daylight would be fading fast.
Mike got down and went to get Don to have him help recover the bear.

Don had also gotten a bear, a big one. The two bear hunters went to
Don’s bear but it was too heavy for the two of them to drag to the
truck. They returned to camp and got Fred and went back to get both
bears. Don’s bear was heavy and it was a chore to drag and pull it to
the road. And even more difficult to get it in the truck. When they had
it loaded it was after 1:00am and they all were worn out. They looked
at each other and agreed, lets look for the other bear in the morning. 

In the morning Fred picked up the trail and was the first to walk up on the bear.

“You won’t believe this.” Fred said.

Don and Mike caught up and Fred spoke again, “Wolves.”

The bear’s black hide was pulled away from most of its body. The meat
was eaten down to the bones. And guts lay in a pile, uneaten. Only the
head was intact.

Here is a picture that shows this situation as understated as possible.

And here is the whole picture — if you have a weak stomach or are
grossed out by animal innards or seeing what big predators can do to
other animals, do not look at this. The bear…

Mike had the bear’s head mounted and it is in one of his Chef Klaus restaurants in South Side Chicago. 

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