Bear Hunt Equipment Review


Bear Hunt Equipment Review

By Fred Lutger

Jul 28, 2009 – 6:12:12 AM


Fred’s Equipment for the 2008 Bear Hunt.

used the same Bowtech General compound bow I used this spring for
turkey hunting. It is set up with the new Octane 2-piece bow quiver.
This 5-arrow quiver has magnets in the hood and is perfect for my
expandable Grim Reaper broadheads. There is no foam in the hood to mess
up the sharpness of  broadheads. It doesn’t open the blades when you
load your arrows in the quiver. The feature I like best about the
magnetic hood is that it holds your arrows in place with no noise or
rattle, and the arrows can be removed silently. 

For this hunt, I tried the new Bowtech Octane stabilizer and the new Bowtech Octane Hostage Pro arrow rest. 

stabilizer did what a stabilizer is supposed to do;  add weight below
the hand to torque the bow forward, take shock and vibration out of
each shot, and quiet an already quiet bow. Quiet is good.

Hostage Pro rest is a capture rest that holds the arrow in place while
waiting on stand. It allowed for a quiet draw. I sure needed that the
night I shot my bear. The woods were dead quiet. The only sounds in the
woods were the noises the bear made. My arrow flight was perfect. 

used my favorite Carbon Express Maxima Hunter arrows. I have been
shooting Carbon Express arrows as long as they have been on the market.
I fletched them with shield cut 5 1/2 inch feathers that were from the
wings of wild turkeys I killed this spring. My friend Bob Link from
Trueflight Manufacturing Company, Inc, Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin,
cut and ground them for me. Thank you Bob. They are not only beautiful,
they give my arrows perfect flight. 

also used arrow wraps from Custom Wraps Plus, Republic, MO. They are
reflective and show up at night with a normal flashlight 100 yards
away. I didn’t need this feature this time, on this bear. I used a
lighted nock. It was still in the bear and flashing, and led me right
to my bear. It worked perfectly. The lit nock showed my hit in the fast
fading light, and it helped with a quicker recovery. I would have found
the bear anyway but it sure saved time. It was comforting to see the
nock in the dark and not see any movement from a breathing bear. The
stillness of the nock let me know the bear was dead.

with the Grim Reaper RazorCut broadhead I got penetration out the brisket on my
quartering away shot. This left an unbeatable blood trail and a dead
bear in less than 50 yards. 

used the Fletch Hook release, from Jim Fletcher Archery, Bodfish, CA.,
on this trip. I have used Fletcher releases in the past and have always
liked them. I like a hair trigger. This release can be adjusted from a
heavy touch to a hair trigger touch. I love the buckle strap on this
release. I put it on and shot bulls eyes. Nuff said!

Fletch hook release is a loop only release. I didn’t have a string loop
on my bow, so I set one up for the Hook release. I tried a new
Firecracker loop from Dan Osborn, Bear Lake, MI. Dan actually serves
the loop. I like the bright color serving he uses. One glance and
you’re on the loop in mili-seconds. 

products I used on this trip were LaCrosse boots from LaCrosse
Footwear, Portland, OR ( see my story on these boots), the Tree Stand
Safety Belt
, Keyser, WV, a big thumbs up on the extra protection this
safety belt provides against falls, and Wildlife Research Center,
Ramsey, MN., Scent Killer and Ultimate Bear Lure.  Read my bear hunt
wrap up. I talk about these fine products.

got to use a Gametamers treestand for the first time on this hunt.
Gametamers is out of Fort Worth, TX. Gametamers uses a screw in “T” to
hold the stand in place while fastening the chain around the tree. This
was a snap to put up. The first night I hunted out of the stand I
noticed it was leaning forward. I mentioned this to Robert and he
smiled and said the platform adjusts for level. I stepped onto the
climbing stick and pulled the pins and leveled the stand. I climbed
back into the stand. It only took a couple minutes to adjust. I looked
back at Robert and said “All right.” I gave him a big thumbs-up.

couldn’t give an equipment wrap up without mentioning Sticks-N-Limbs
. I have been using this versatile pattern since it was first
introduced by Robert Hoague and Camo-Clan in the 1980’s. I dug out a
pair of Sticks-N-Limbs camo from the eighties. They were in great
shape and actually fit. Everything is green in Ontario in August. Even
though there is no green in this camouflage, the pattern still works.

The dark stick pattern on light background of neutral brown and gray
colors makes the human outline disappear.  It amazes me every time
big game animals look right at me and then goes about their business.
This pattern works!

to all the sponsors of this years bear hunt. I have a retail archery
shop and always like to field test products. That is the only way I can
honestly talk to my customers about how a product performs. In the
woods on a hunt is the true test. I can’t wait until the next hunt. Did
someone say whitetail deer?

Be safe in the woods, 


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