Bear Hunt – On The Road 2


Bear Hunt – On The Road 2

By Robert Hoague

Aug 8, 2008 – 10:58:03 AM


Yesterday, as I was leaving I got a phone call about my satellite phone and had to go a ways off route to get it looked at. They got it running good so that’s be good when we get to bear camp.

So I picked up Robbie Cramer a lot later than we had planned, but how it is … is. We rolled into Blythville at 12:30 last night and motelled it.

Right now we have 452 more miles until we get to the Chicago area. Before kickoff we ate breakfast at a Huddle House dinner. These are good little almost restaurants with fast service and tasty food that is definitely not the low chlosterol type.

But the main reason I always stop at them because I like the chocolate ice box pie. I remember eating it back when I was in college and it is still just as good.

We have to get to Freddie Bear Sports before closing time today. GameTamers sent  treestands, Jim Fletcher sent releases, Flex-Fletch sent Flash vanes, Wildlife Researfch Center sent products for everyone on the hunt, LaCrosse sent boots, and Leupold sent some optics.

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