At Canoe Canada Outfitters


At Canoe Canada Outfitters

By Robert Hoague

Aug 12, 2008 – 10:15:57 AM


We all got up early and ate breakfast. Then we drove to Canoe Canada Outfitters in Atikokan and checked in with Jerimy Dickson. Everybody purchased their bear licenses and picked up a few T-shirts and other some other surprises for the folks back home.

Canoe Canada is our bear outfitter. The owner, Bud Dickson and Fred have been working together to bring bear hunters to Ontario for over 25 years.

Yesterday the Duck and Fred checked 45 of the baits and 43 were hit hard. They are all refreshed.

Today, after we finish at Canoe Canada we will run the remaining bear baits. The bear hunting definitely looks good this year.


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