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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2010 – 1:11:39 PM
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Our bear hunt with Fred
Lutger’s Wilderness Adventures goes back almost 20 years. This is a hunt that
myself, Donald Duck, Chef Klause, Kirby Knockstedt and Fred look forward to all
year. This year another group of bowhunters are joining us to bear hunt. For
some it will be their first bear hunt. Others go almost every year. Why? Because
Fred Lutger knows how to hunt bears with a bow.

Broken Bowsight

By Robert Hoague

Sep 5, 2008 – 11:22:59 AM

We Make A Change

We returned to camp with Robbie’s bear and he, Fred and the Duck skinned it and quartered the meat.

Afterward, Fred and I made a decision not to video for each other. Both
of us needed to hunt every hunt. So we asked Mark and Robbie if they
would take on video duty for us. They both agreed to. And Liz volunteered to video for the Duck.

Broken Bowsight

I had big a problem. When we were looking for my bear yesterday, somehow my
bowsight broke off where it attached to its sight bar on the riser. It
didn’t matter yesterday because I was videoing for Fred. But it
mattered now because I was hunting today.

Robbie told me to take the sight from his bow and then he drove to Atakokan to store the hide and meat in the freezer locker at Canoe Canada.

Robbie’s bowsight was a Trophy Ridge sight and I took it off his bow and screwed it on my bow.
Then I took a shot at 20 yards. Oh oh, my arrow went over the target. I looked for it but it was
never to be found again in the tall grass and thick trees.

Rather than sight in like I usually do, using the “take a long time”
method, I called in the big guns, my long time friend JimboTX (Jim
Mitchell). Jim is a strong tournament shooter and has been the Western
division honcho for the ASA. He knows how to make a bow walk and talk
and crawl on its belly like a reptile. I moved up to point blank range and took 3 shots and handed my bow
to Jim. He made his corrections and I took another 3 shots, etc..

Jim had me zeroed in pronto.

Sighting in with the new Safari arrows.

Digressing just a bit, for this bear hunt Alaska Bowhunting Supply sent me Grizzly Stick
carbon arrows in both their Safari and Alaska models. The Safari arrows
weigh 800 grains. Two days before the hunt began was my first
opportunity to sight in with these arrows.

For starters I took my initial shot at 10 yards. The arrow hit right
where I was aiming. Frankly, I didn’t expect that to be the case, I
figured the heavier arrow would hit low. My second shot was at 20 yards.

Again, right on target. That I definitely did not think would happen,
not at 20 yards. I shot 4 more arrows, all good. These heavy, tough
Grizzly Stick Safari arrows from Alaska Bowhunting Supply shot just like my lighter 450
grain arrows. Talk about a surprise.

The Grizzly Stick
arrow shafts are tapered, the nock end is smaller than the end with the
broadhead. My Safari arrows came fletched with short vanes and wraps —
a very nice looking arrow. And in a side to side comparison they got 5
to 6 inches more penetration than my 450 grain arrows.

The Grizzly Stick Safari carbon arrows from Alaska Bowhunting Supply.

Of course, it is the bow that did it. The bow that fired the heavy arrows as flatly as the 450 grain ones is a
BowTech 82nd Airborne set at 64 pounds.

It is a low brace height speed
bow and out of the box it shot 346 through a chronograph — my hunt setup caused it to drop a
little speed but it still rocketed the 450’s out well
over 300 fps. The 82nd groups tight for me. And the bow is super quiet. Think about
it, blurring speed, accuracy and quiet. It sure sounds good to this
lifetime bowhunter.

Back to today,
I walked around
and shot for half an hour at different distances and ate the target up.
I felt very confident about the 82nd Airborne and these new Grizzly
Stick arrows. I practiced with field tips, so I removed them and put on
100 grain Grim Reaper broadheads. The Grim Reaper is a great
penetrating broadhead and it shoots just like my field points. That ‘s
a big plus, it makes sighting in easy and it saves money too because
you don’t have to buy extra broadheads and blades just for practicing.

Off with the field points, on with the broadheads.

Sighted in and ready for bear, I went inside the lodge. Fred was
cutting onions and tomatoes for salad and several hunters and fishermen
were sitting with him at the table. Chef Klaus and the Duck were busy
grilling steaks.

Rob McNeff, Tucker McNeff Don Himmelberg, Grey McNeff, Bob McNeff and Jim Mitchell talk to Fred as they wait for 2:00 and meal time.

After the main meal we
all got ready to hunt and Fred dropped Robbie and I off at the Big
Rock. We couldn’t know it then, but a bear was waiting out there and
later on he would drop in. (There is video in this hunt report and I am
working on that right now.)

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