Tony Gets The First Buck


Tony Gets The First Buck

By Robert Hoague

Nov 1, 2009 – 1:00:29 PM


Tony Ditch drove in today at 2:00pm with John Kell, Ryan Ditch and Dwayne Woodring, all from Pennesylvania. They rented a boat and went half a mile down Lake Clendening and Tony got out. Tony walked up a ridge and saw a scrape. He went up a tree 20 yards away with a climber stand.

Forty five minutes later he saw an 8-point buck walking parallel with the lake, stopping every few steps to eat acorns. Tony drew when the buck headed for the scrape.

The buck stopped and took two steps backward. Tony figured the buck was going to leave and he took his shot.

Immediately the buck walked uphill for 30 yards and laid down. And expired.

Tony waited 25 minutes and got down and picked up his arrow and walked to the buck. He drug the buck down to the tree where his treestand was and tagged and gutted the buck. Tony drug the buck down the hill to the lake and in a few minutes later his friends came up in the boat.

Tony shoots a compound bow set at 66 pounds but he shoots wooden arrows — and especially cool — he makes his own arrows as well as his broadheads. He uses cedar and fir wood for the arrows. He cuts out 3/8 by 3/8 square, sections of the wood and then uses a hand plane and sandpaper to make them perfectly round.

He cuts his broadheads out of strap steel and slots field points the hold the steel broadhead. After he has it balanced perfectly he uses silver solder to hold point to the field point. The last step is to harden the tip with a torch and dip it in water. It has to be hardened just right so it can be sharpened and hold an edge. He makes glue out of Pine Sap and glues the broadheads on the arrow shafts.


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